It is official: Silent Hill 2 Remake heads to the market. Blooper Team is the study in charge of the return of INAMI’s myth. Few details have been shared, unless it is under development bed on Unreal Engine and that will arrive at PS5 and PC soon . In fact, it will be temporarily exclusive in console for at let 12 months since its launch. Both Akira Yamaha and Mahavira Ito are involved close support for the Polish team. We know that the playability will be modernized and the camera will be on man.

The Blooper Team curriculum before Silent Hill

Silent Hill’s return w an open secret since INAMI confirmed the signing of Blooper Team lt year. The time of time had been predicting fog since then and later had to hit some. Now, talking about Silent Hill means talking about one of the rights of the industry, a cult saga that every fan of Survival Horror must try once in life . That is why everything that concerns this return will be looked at and there are few who have already requested the poor Blooper curriculum to know in what hands the future of the saga is being deposited. You already know that every father believes that there is no couple at his offspring. And what developer is it worthy of James Sunderland, Mary or Pyramid Head?

Although in Meditation some colleagues have been wet and admitted that they do not believe it is the ideal study, we have also been fair with the humble Polish study, which h been specialized in the horror genre for more than six years. That is why we have dedicated an extensive report to all the previous works of the developer in which we have found common themes, winks and a clear inheritance of Silent Hill . In the end, let’s take a side or another, there is only a clear conclusion: the return of the franchise is a joy for video games, and we must wish him good luck so that it is not one lest dance. We carried from Downpour without a main delivery and the drama of Kolyma and PT left us with honey on the lips back in 2014. It is not time to distrust, but to row together towards the place from which the noise of the Sirens We have never forgotten that noise **.