San Soft announced on November 28 that sales of Kurt Moral for PlayStation3 (PS3) will be terminated .

An action game for arcade/family computers released in 1985. It is famous for his manga artist and illustrator Jun Urey, who has described it as a fucking game, and is now a legendary fucking game in San Soft official.

Chili Gin released in 2006 was a remake with various additional elements, such as pushing up the original maximum number of original maximum simultaneous players from two to 12 (up to two in offline). However, it has been decided that the sale will be terminated on November 28, the release date of the NEW. Although you can still play users who have already purchased, you will not be able to play online with the end of the PS3 service.

On the other hand, for the latest work Chili Unit, the second closed beta test (CBT) has been decided on November 27. This CBT is part of the Chili Fe’s held on the same day, and will also introduce update information by the official channel VTuber. For details such as CBT schedule and number of participants, please check the Chili Unity Steam Store page.