The system BMM of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is surely the most criticized and hated section by the majority players in the Call of Duty community. It is the reason that the Modern Warfare multiplayer (2019) lost most of its players at an alarming rate during the first weeks… something that could be repeated with Modern Warfare II .

And you will wonder: What is the SBMM system? Why can you stop playing multiplayer? I tell you everything you should know below.

SBMM in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

The SBMM or SKILL BASED MATCHMAKING is an online matching system that Call of Duty uses uninterruptedly from Modern Warfare (2019). This system is responsible for matching players for their skill level and their statistics per departure . The idea is that all games, whether competitive or casual, stay as balanced as possible.

This looks amazing and just on paper… but reality is very different. That all games are balanced does not imply that they will be fun, especially casual modes. This is a Competitive Pair System that is meaningless in casual modes.

Novates and professionals are harmed

The majority of specialized articles usually point to rookies as beneficiaries and professionals such as the injured. The reality is that both types of players are harmed.

The rookie and little skilled players can play their first games comfortable, but it is only a matter of time that the thing changes. It is enough to have a good afternoon, play with friends with skill or be paired with good players for a few games so that the game detects that you should match with more skill players. And there The fun is over and played.

The middle players are also harmed. If they play well, their statistics improve and are paired with much better players. If the next few hours or days want to play more casually, their experience will be constantly dying due to the SBMM.

Finally, the professional players have the same problem as middle players, but multiplied by two. All its games will be competitive, which does not give margin for fun or casual game to disconnect.

Who benefits the SBMM?


Players who only want to play competitively and/or who play poorly seen ways within the unwritten rules of the first-person shooters. In general, they are called Campers: Users who decide to stay still in safe sites (stars and strategic pixels) to compensate for their lack of ability and obtain a good ratio of k/d.

The history of the SBMM will be repeated in Modern Warfare II

Activision has made deaf ears to the pleas of a large part of the community to withdraw this pairing system. War zone and War zone 2 has become the priority, so it seems not to matter that the multiplayer mode does not even reach the potential numbers and their predecessors.

The reality is that the Multiplayer of Modern Warfare II (like Modern Warfare, Cold War and Vanguard) will be used for Unlock and increase the level of weapons quickly thanks to the increases of XP that you can get almost continuously.