It seemed to be quite warm until a month ago, but the temperature is getting colder with the cold wind as the temperature falls vertically around 10 degrees. It is old saying that Korea is clear in the four seasons. I haven’t felt autumn yet, but I’m already pulling out thick clothes.

By the time this cold winter comes, there is a PC peripheral, a honey item. That’s the headset. I went to a listening shop last year and I always heard it at the store.

The reason is simple. Honestly, in the summer, no matter how well it is a mesh material or ventilation, it is not easy to use it for a few hours. That’s why most of the summer users who change to earphones are quite visible. Instead, the words are different in chilly autumn or cold winter. If you use only comfortable materials in cool weather due to nature cooling, it is not inconvenient to use for a long time. ~~ Warm. ~~

Of course, it is not necessary to use it as a warmth. There are quite a few headsets that have good performance optimized for gaming just by looking at the gaming headsets that are released these days. Therefore, even in the summer, users who are uncomfortable and find a headset instead of earphones are particularly preferred in winter.

At the same time, the gaming gear brand, which was noticeable, came to mind and I would like to introduce this opportunity. It is a well-known sound equipment company, and is currently spreading the gaming sector through the Quantum series, and is presenting various products.

JBL is actually more famous as a company that produces professional acoustic equipment, but now it is expanding its position by launching several gaming gears from gaming headsets to wireless earphones, microphones, and speakers. Naturally, in the case of performance, the quality is guaranteed without doubt, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Today’s product is JBL’s ambitious gaming headset JBL Quantum 810 wireless and 810 headset gaming speakers JBL Quantum Duo , Gaming Mike JBL Quantum Stream will also look at it.

JBL Quantum 810 Gaming Package
Three Brothers of Quantum Series!

‘JBL Quantum 810 Wireless Gaming Headset’

Product specifications

Driver type : 50 mm dynamic driver

frequency response : 20Hz-40,000 Hz

Type of connection : wireless

Bluetooth transmission output : <12dbm (wireless dongle connection <13dbm)

Color : Black

Impedance : 32 ohm

Sensitivity : 95db [email protected] kHz

Mike type : Voice focus (orientation) Flip-up boom microphone

Mike sensitivity :-38 dB/pa @ 1kHz

Connection method : Bluetooth V5.2 / Wireless 2.4GHz (USB Dongle)

Compatibility : Mac / PlayStation ™ / Nintendo Switch ™ / Xbox ™ / VR / Mobile, etc.

Other : Quantum Engine / Discord authentication / Other compatible services (Skype, Zoom, Twitch, TeamS peak) / Active Noise Canceling (ANC) / 7.1ch Quantum Surround / Quantum Signature

weight : 418g

Battery duration / charging time : up to 43 hours / about 3.5 hours

JBL Quantum 810 Wireless Gaming Headset, the main character of this article. As you can see above, if you look at the gaming sensitivity, JBL’s unique design, just before you try to try it, you feel like ‘That’s the gaming headset?’

Is it only gaming? If you say, you also have enough performance. It supports a 7.1-channel surround and DTS headphone: X 2.0 features that implements a three-dimensional sound, and adopts a 50 mm HI-RES driver to accurately capture sophisticated sounds.

In addition, JBL Quantum 810 is a wireless headset free from the line. 2.4GHz wireless connection is also available using dongle, and Bluetooth 5.2 connection is also available. For battery duration, up to 43 hours can be used freely and can be built for about 3.5 hours. The USB a to C cable, which is available together, can be used at the same time as charging at the same time.

JBL’s active noise-canceling technology, which minimizes the surrounding noise, allows you to focus on gameplay more comfortably, and using talk-through mode, you can talk freely with the people around you. In addition, the JBL Quantum Series’ signature sound allows you to catch the fine sound, especially in the FPS game.


I also got compatibility. The PC is natural, and it is convenient because it can be easily connected to the console or VR even mobile through 2.4GHz dongle and 5.2 Bluetooth. Oriented boom microphones are also excellent for voice chat. This is because it is intensively recognized by the sound of a certain direction so that it is clear and clear.

▲ JBL Quantum 810 Wireless Gaming Headset Official Video (Source: JBL)

‘JBL Quantum DUO Gaming Speaker’

Product specifications

Driver size : 63.5 mm woofer, 19.05 mm Twitter

frequency response : 60Hz-20,000 Hz

Output : 20 w RMS

signal stand noise ratio :> 80 db

Connection method : Bluetooth v4.2

Size / weight : 89 x 210 x 176 mm (width x height depth, left and right) / 2800g

▲ JBL Quantum DUO Gaming Speaker Official Video (Source: JBL)

‘JBL Quantum Stream Premium USB Mike’

Product specifications

Type: 2 x φ14mm electron case capacitor microphone

Pickup Pattern: Single orientation / All direction (dual pattern)

frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

Sampling Speed: 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz

Bit Transmission Rate: 16/24 Bit

maximum SPL: 110db

Sensitivity: -37 ± 3db (1kHz/1PA, 0db = 1V/PA)

Impedance: 16 ohm

Standard: 8 cm (w) x 8 cm (d) x 17.43 cm (h)

weight (including stand): 248 g

Color: Black (metal)

Others: 3.5 mm audio input / USB-a and C port support / PS4, PS5 console and Nintendo Switch port support

▲ JBL Quantum Stream Official Video (Source: JBL)

If you use it as a gaming set, it feels like this?
After all, the fit is the best