[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] NHN (CEO Jung Yeo-jin) announced on the 1st that the plastic upcycling campaign was held from the 17th to the 28th as a ‘Little Action’ activities based on employees.

Little Action is an ESG campaign conducted by NHN employees. Following the season 1, which was held in 2019-2020, the first activity of the season 2 was held in August, following the season 1, which was held in Season 1, which was held in August.

In this campaign, employees have worked together to produce upcycling products that recycle plastic bottle caps.

The company has been focused on the fact that the plastic bottle cap is not recycled due to its small size, so that employees can participate by separately collected throughout the company. It also exhibited the process of upcycling the bottle cap and announced the harmfulness of plastic waste.

A total of 4,76 plastic bottle caps were collected through this campaign period, and NHN plans to produce it as an upcycling furniture that employees can use. The plastic upcycling project is also considering a regularization.

Meanwhile, NHN has been strengthening its recent ESG management in the environmental field, including establishing ESG Environmental Energy Technology Team, and acquiring international and energy management international certification, following the establishment of the environmental and energy management policy in June.