The saga Terrified h become a phenomenon thanks to the recent premiere in the United States of its second install Golden Decade of the genre in the 80s but with the good work of the special artisanal effects of today. So much so, that Terrified 2 became viral not long ago for causing authentic dread between not a few spectators in American movie theaters, even causing fainting and vomiting among the staff. But what is Terrified ? Who is the disturbing murderous clown known Art The Clown ? And perhaps the most important thing, Where can you see Terrified and Terrified 2?

How to see the Terrified and Terrified 2 movies

And it is that the work of Damien Leon h become a media phenomenon and there are many who wonder how to see their two Terrified films. But before let’s see where both the saga and its protagonist come from. Thus, the murderer called Art The Clown is born from a series of short films produced by Leon himself, showing himself for the first time in The 9th Circle of 2008. Even so, it w not until 2013 when he acquired a certain fame With All Hallows’ Eve , to make the jump in 2016 to the absolute prominence with the first Terrified .


Art The Clown represents everything we can expect from the clsic murderous clown but elevated to maximum power ; Interpreted by David Howard Thornton , this monstrous psychopath only appears during Halloween nights to kill many people possible thanks to their demonic powers that applies through mimic , resulting disturbing scary. In addition, it demonstrates a level of madness and Gore not suitable for all stomachs.

Now, where can we see the two Terrified films? The first part, Terrified , is available part of the catalogs of the platforms Filming and Amazon Prime Video , so if we are subscribers of them we can access it very eily. However, Terrified 2 At the moment it is only available in selected film rooms from the United States and for now there is no news that it will be releed in Spain.

Although those who live near Barcelona may go to the Film Festival Terror Molina of Molina de REI (Barcelona) To enjoy the Terrified 2 projection on a large screen on the next November 6, 20222222222 . However, it is likely that for 2023 some of the most popular platforms be done with Terrified 2 rights to offer it in streaming.