As soon as you return Moan to the valley, she will be sad about what Maui left. Then you will be instructed to return to the island to convince Maui to return.

When Maui agrees to return, you will have to build a house in the valley. Follow all the necessary requirements, pay Scrooge CDAC for construction, lay the foundation of the Maui house and start building.

However, if you place Maui’s house incorrectly or in the wrong place, you will not be able to get to it to start construction. This is a small failure that should be fixed in Disney Dream light Valley.

However, at the moment, there is a workaround that will help to move the Maui house so that you can get to the sign of building a crude to build a house in the game.

How to move Maui’s house?

First you need to unlock DAZZLE Beach, and then clean the plot of land to build a house on Maui.

When choosing a place for laying the foundation, make sure that it is not too far from the water. If you place the foundation too far, you will be blocked and cannot get to it to build a house.

If you made a mistake by placing the Maui house in the wrong place, you can move the house to build it elsewhere.

To do this, open your inventory and go to the furniture tab. Close the menu, and then reduce the scale of the camera to get a full overview of the house. Then just choose a house to move it anywhere.