It could be said that Asoka’s best moment in Disney’s Tales of The Jedi is when he demolishes an imperial inquisitor with his lightsaber. As strange as he may seem, his head deflates like a balloon after his death, which generates speculations about what kind of extraterrestrial he could be. Here is everything you need to know about Why the inquisitor’s head deflates in Tales of the Jedi.

Why does the inquisitor head deflate? Explanation of the theory

Image Source: Lucasfilm

The predominant theory is that this inquisitor is a ska koan as Was Tabor (above), so he needs to use a pressure suit when he is far from his native world; Therefore, when his head was cut, the pressure escaped and his head deflated. Combined with his confidence out of place in his combat skills that led him to his defeat, he was figured and literally full of hot air. Asoka has to fight an inquisitor when a place gives her.

The lesson of this episode of Tales of The Jedi seems to be that no one is immune to the cruelty of the empire. The stubborn child who gives Asoka almost dies along with 90 percent of his people, and cannot understand why the inquisitor, and therefore the empire, would treat him so badly.

The child is expendable, although he is loyal to the emperor, and the inquisitor is happy to kill him before Asoka intervenes. Finally, at the end of the episode, he realizes that imperials hurt people because they can.

That is all that we have in The head deflated in Tales of the Jedi . Check out some of our other contents of Tales of The Jedi, as if Kazan Harris (Caleb Due) appears and our explanation on the time of execution of the episodes.

Image Source: Lucasfilm

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