On November 1st, Proved Horse launched the base construction game Against the Storm early access to Steam/Gog.com. It also supports Japanese display. This work has been distributed for the EPIC GAMES store since October last year, and early access distribution has been started on Steam and Gog.com. This work seems to be supported by many players on both platforms.

Against The Storm is a rogue city construction game set in the fantasy world that has been raining forever. The player is the governor ordered by the Scout Queen and is sent to the wilderness as a settled. The four races will create and manage a new settlement that coexists.

In this work, it is necessary to satisfy the four races of the people, while trying to avoid the queen’s anger. There are four races: humans, beams, lizards, and harpies. Beavers are good at handling trees, and their lizards are vulnerable to temperature changes because they have a temperature animal, and there are things that each are good at and that they are not good at. By increasing the morale of the people and responding to the Queen’s command, the blue bar (fame) at the bottom of the UI screen rises. On the other hand, the red bar is a queen’s anger meter. If the queen is not in line with the queen, the meter will rise, and if it is full, the game will be over. Before that happens, you have to meet the blue meter and clear the map. If you clear the map, you will develop the next map.

This work also incorporates rogue elements, and random elements are adopted. In the middle of the game, settlers, resources, new buildings, permanent buffs, etc. are sent from the center of the kingdom, but in most cases, two options are presented and only one can choose. In other words, in a manner-like manner, you will examine what you need for the settlement. The resource distribution of the land, which is the stage of the play, changes for each replay, and every time you play, you can enjoy different ways of enjoying.

At the Steam, more than 500 reviews were received at the time of writing, and 97 % of them were popular, gaining very popular status. The number of simultaneous connection players at Steam is increasing day by day, and it has reached more than 4,000 people from last night to this morning, the fifth day of the Steam version (Steam DB). This is an exceptional number as a new title for emerging studios.

In the past, Eremite Games, which is developing development, has only distributed one-on-turn strategy game for smartphone apps. This work is the first work for PCs. However, according to the official website, it is a team consisting of five friends who have many years of experience in AAA, Indie, and mobile games. That experience will be reflected in the update frequency. The team has released an update every two weeks in the Epic Games store version, which had been distributed earlier. The number of updates has been counted 27 times to date, and this update frequency is also taken over to the operation of early access distribution on Steam. It may be successful to start the Steam version early access with the update at the Epic Games store.

Many reviews are highly combined with city builders and rogue lights as reasons for evaluating this work positively. In this work, the domestic politics of the standing up stage in the colony simulation is repeated. The rogue light uncertainty attacks there. Under various restrictions, you have to make a base while compromising. But not just repeating pioneering. You can set the colonies once created by setting up a trade path between colonies and upgrading facilities in the center of the Kingdom. Such a system may have led to the reward as the governor. Eremite Games states on his homepage that the passion for creating a strategy game and RPG game that defines genres that remains in memory has linked us.


Against The Storm is being distributed early for Steam and Epic Games stores and Gog.com.