Crampon’s Pub Universe Webtoon is finished.

Craft tone is a survival action ‘100’ (written by picture, Choir Yugyeom), mystery thriller ‘silence night’ (written by Han Dong-woo, Pictures Q-HA), and SF fantasy ‘Retreats’ He explained that it was released free of charge on the final episode on the 24th, 26th and November 3rd.

These works, which were prepared with Wiley and began in November last year in Never Webtoon last year, are the three-dimensional stories that cross the mysterious worldview of Crampon’s flagship game ‘PUBG: Battleground’ (hereinafter referred to as Battleground). It has gained great popularity among existing Battleground fans as well as the public. In addition to domestic, it has been not only in Korea, but also in 10 countries, including North America, India, France, Germany, and Japan. In particular, ‘Retreats’ was also selected as a candidate for the 2022 SF Awards Cartoon Webtoon Division.

Craft Tone will hold a four-week webtoon event fest on Pub Universe Instagram to commemorate the completion of the webtoon. During this period, we will hold quiz events, complete appreciation comments, and settlement events. In addition, the company plans to reveal the story of a new pub universe that could not be included in the webtoon through the official website renewed on the 24th.

Crampon is grateful for the interest in the Pub Universe Webtoon, and the completion of the webtoon series will not be the end, but another start, and will continue to showcase the contents of various platforms and genres in the future and expand the pub magazine worldview.

For more information on the pub magazine universe, you can find it on the official pub universe website and SNS.