The sequela of the arc of the paranormal liberation war of the anime and manga my hero academy are extensive, to say the least. The main characters are eliminated from the board through death or by other media, and the balance of power between heroes and villains is almost irreparable. The first, in particular, affects some favorite characters from fans, so you are probably asking: Eraser Head loses his peculiarity in My Hero Academia? Or is reconfigured shortly after?

Fortunately for you, we have investigated all available chapters of the series, and we have found an answer for you. However, before reading

Does AIAA lose its peculiarity in My Hero Academia? Answered

So, we have good and bad news: the good news is that AIAA, in fact, does not lose its peculiarity after the events of the arc of the paranormal liberation war in My Hero Academia. The bad news is that he no longer has the ability to use his Quirk, although he still has it.

While AIAA is shot from Quirk Erasure Bullet from Ibaraki, he fixes them to avoid its effects by immediately amputating the leg that hit the bullet. As a result, your Quirk remains active and usable during the battle and beyond, although at the expense of its mobility for the rest of the series.

What prevents you from using your Quirk is the fact that she also ends up losing one of her eyes in butcher shop and subsequent chaos. This is a devastating loss for him, since he needs to be able to make visual contact with his objectives using both eyes so that his peculiarity takes effect. As a result, you cannot use its erasure peculiarity correctly even though it still has it, which probably forces it to hang his scarf and his nickname Eraser Head until he can restore his lost eye.

Can Eraser head cure your body?

Fortunately, there is a way for AIAA to recover the body parts that are missing; Or at least, there is in theory.

Since She Hassānīya, Era and her reversal Quirk have always been present as a kind of Chekhov weapon. Through your powers, you can reverse the damage or alterations made to a person, regardless of how severe or extensive they are. This is how he could restore the gift of Mario during the arc of the Paranormal Liberation War, which had been lost during his fight with Overhaul several arches before.

As such, it is certain to say that AIAA could theoretically recover his missing eye through Era’s Quirk. Then he could use his Erasure Quirk without problems and could return to action once again as an eraser head fully functional.


However, if this would happen or when it happened, nobody knows. To that end, we will keep up with the manga and anime and update this guide accordingly if any new information is presented.

Hopefully this is clarified whether Eraser head loses your quirk in My Hero Academia. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other explanatory guides linked to the series, including some about whether Twice dies or not, what is the theory of the world of the singularity of Quirk and who is Garage Hyundai.

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