Banzai NAMC has finally presented new information about its online role-playing game, Blue Protocol. After more than a year of silence, this new MMORPG finally seems to be approaching a complete launch. More news is also expected in The Game Awards 2022, which means that fans who have been waiting for so long can see the game in action in a deeper way. However, with all this, do we finally have a release date? This is what you need to know about when the blue protocol comes out.

launch date of the blue protocol

As part of an important live broadcast dedicated to the game, Banzai NAMC has confirmed that blue protocol will be launched at some time at the beginning of 2023. There has been no specific date, but it was confirmed that the game will have a very early network test in the year. This will be housed between January. 14 and Jan. 16, where 50,000 applicants will be selected until December 13.

It is not clear if we will obtain more clues about the release date on The Game Awards, although Banzai NAMC confirmed that the game will come out shortly after the network test. Naturally, the editor will want to take his time to make sure everything goes well with such a large online role-playing game. With luck, fans who have patiently waited for this game will not have to wait for much more to have it in their hands after the network test ends.

That is what we have so far with respect to when the blue protocol comes out. If you are looking for more content while waiting for the game, see ‘s gaze on some of the last announced characters of the game.


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