It was a long and winding road, but the Tokyo Revenges series finally came to an end. Many friends were made on the road, but many others were eliminated as a result of the dangers that Takemichi and his allies faced while trying to achieve a happy ending for every1. However, if you haven’t stayed up to date with the series, you are probably asking yourself: Takemichi dies in Tokyo Revenges, or is it alive to see the fruits of his work?

Fortunately for you, we have the answers you are looking for. However, as expected, we will investigate Story Spoilers to do so.

Is Takemichi dead at the end of Tokyo Revenges? Answered

The good news is that everyone’s favorite hero does not die at the end of Tokyo Revenges.

Although he approaches in his final fight with Mikey, and is even stabbed in the abdomen with a sword, which makes it bleed when his travel powers are activated in time, none of its incidents close to death does so forever. Instead, he ends up going back to time when he was a child, long before the events of the rest of the series.


Then he meets Mikey, and thanks to the fact that Mikey has memories of the past timeline that he lived with Takemichi, he understands what happened and what they should do. Then, the two work to build Tokyo Kanji Gang in a way that will see them and all their friends survive, dealing with threats long before they emerge by more peaceful means. Then they dissolve the gang once they have guaranteed the safety of all and go to live a normal and happy life.

It is a pretty sweet end, and it is also likely that it will not be configured again in the short term. This means that Takemichi can be successful in his mission of saving himself and his loved ones going back in time, correcting the timeline and finding a way of making the world the best possible version of himself.

Hopefully this is clarified whether Takemichi dies in Tokyo Revenges. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many functions related to anime in general, including those of the best anime villains, the best anime rivalries and the best anime sepals.

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