MMORPG (CEO Kim Taejon, NC) is MMORPG (Multi-connected Role Performance Game) Lineage M unveiled OASIS 2: YOU update details.

NC (NC) reflects users’ suggestions in the game through OASIS 2: You Update. Since November 30, the user can enjoy ▲ CLASS Reboot ▲ Class Change ▲ Experience Chit ▲ Traces of New Survival Contents Slim ▲ Various Convenience Improvement Contents.

New skills (technology) appear in Berserkers class. The user is ▲ a powerful active skill golden plate that provokes the target in a certain range, and the Titan-related skills are greatly enhanced. You can use the skill of. Existing Titan (Infinite) and Desperado have also improved.

The user can participate in the class change event to commemorate the Berserkers Class Reboot. By December 14th, you can turn the character’s class into a berry. The items and skills you are in use can also be replaced for Berserkers. There is also an experience of combining experience. The user can move one character’s experience (level 80 or higher) to another character (level 85 or higher).

Lineage M adds traces of new survival content. The user enters the trace of Slim and selects one of four characters. By killing monsters that flock using each character’s dedicated skills, you can earn various rewards such as Rim’s ornaments’ ornaments, and Slim’s trace transformation card box.

NC (NC) improves various convenience functions that reflect user opinions. ▲ Item collection UI segmentation that can be easily checked for items collection information ▲ Improvement of tory UI with various functions ▲ Equipped UI set function that makes the equipment selection more smooth according to the situation can be played more conveniently. Have.


Lineage M will hold a special live Inside M Season 4: Oasis Adventure. The user can watch the broadcast and check the update details and receive a special compensation provided in real time.

The user can participate in the OASIS 2: YOU’re pre-booking on the Lineage M official website until the 29th. Participants can choose to compensate for the play tendency. From 2 pm on the 30th, a figure art toy season 3: Berserker Art Toys can be purchased at 11th Avenue.

For more information, please visit the Lineage M official website.