Horoscope was initially introduced in 2004 as a minis skirmish game including hexagonal tiles and armies made up of radically various units from a variety of times and categories. After moving the game over to its Wizards of the Coast subsidiary, Hasbro eventually shelved Horoscope back in 2010, although a devoted fan base continued to play the video game over a year after it initially was stopped. A number of fan designers were included with the planned relaunch of the game.

A prepared relaunch of the Horoscope miniatures game has been shelved forever following a failed crowdfunding campaign. Previously this month, Hasbro subsidiary Avalon Hill confirmed that it would not be moving forward with any new Horoscope products, following an unsuccessful attempt to raise $2,000,000 to money production of a brand-new Horoscope: Age of Annihilation starter set by means of a Hasbro Pulse project.

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While the majority of crowdfunding projects for tabletop video games offers numerous promise levels, Horoscope: Age of Annihilation needed a $249.99 pre-order for a Starter Set that consisted of 71 unpainted minis and various terrain pieces. Ultimately, the hasbro crowdfunding campaign received just 4,300 backers, falling about 50% brief of the needed 8,000 backers. Significantly, while Avalon Hill ultimately modified the campaign to better discuss what all went into the proposed Age of Annihilation Starter Set, it did not offer backers a lower cost point at which to promise.