These days have not been positive for Apple, and this is because basically everyone is throwing accusations of great magnitude, this recently happened with Elon Musk and Twitter, also with a free market, and now with two women who left against
They ensure that their device allows stalkers to have their exact location.

According to what Bloomberg comments, the ex-boyfriend of one of the girls placed one of these devices inside a hole in the wheel of his car, which allowed the subject to make a tracking.
The second person mentions that her ex-husband put one of these in her son’s backpack, this in order to spy on her foot.
Given this, they mentioned that it was an insecure device.
This is one of the appointments of the incriminating document:

Although Apple has incorporated security measures into the AirTag product, they are disappointingly inappropriate and do little, if they do something, to quickly warn people if they are being tracked.
It is not the first time that these types of accusations are presented, since incidents have been reported that have to do with social relationships, not much a girl has used one with her ex-boyfriend, who in the end ended up hit by her.
And yes, to be able to track it and confront it in a bar he used one of these AirTag to be able to find his exact location.
The women asked the Government and Apple for monetary compensation for this accident, at the same time to make the proposition that a discontinuation of this type of trackers is made.
Or that at least certain protocols must be followed before the sale.
As mentioned, it is not the first case of stalkers.


Way: Bloomberg
Editor’s note: These types of devices are a double-edged edge weapon, they can be used for negative and also positive things.
I think that police should only be assigned, only for specific cases.