Latham creates one of the largest worlds ever seen in survival games, so it is not surprising that some players want to know how to open cards.
Fortunately, in Valuate there are already tools that can help players reveal their entire game card.
Here’s what we know about how to open entire cards in Latham.

how to open a world map in Latham

To open a world map in Latham, the commands should be activated in your game.
Here are all the steps necessary for activating commands in Latham:
How to activate the commands-to activate Latham commands or cheats in Latham, you must copy and insert the developers’ commands into the console, and then the debugging mode.
How to open a console-to open the in-game console in the valuate, you need to press the F5 key button.
After pressing the F5, you can enter Commands, and then Debug mode to activate the teams in the game.
As soon as you activate the teams in Latham, you can use another team called to explore the card to open the entire map of the world.
However, using the Explore command will not show locations in your game.
If you want to show locations, you need to use another cheat team.
Fortunately, you can use the seal places to display the list of locations in the console next to you.


In the list of the console, you should see the coordinates located next to the locations.
You can use the GOT command, which is followed by the coordinates to teleport to them.
The Print locations method will show only the locations closest to you, but if you want to show all the locations, you should use third-party tools, such as the World Viewer Waldheim or the initial viewer.

What is Latham World Viewer and how to use it?

Latham World Viewer is a third-party tool that allows users to take the initial value and introduce it to display their world cards.
In addition to displaying the card, World Viewer can also display the following locations listed below:
The location of the camps
Places of the troll cave
Locations of the ice cave
May poles
Boss stones
Grave and crypts
Dragon villages
Dragon eggs
Runic stones
Molly pits
Statues and swords
If you want to use World Viewer for your game, you should get the initial number from your game and enter it in the input field of the initial number in the upper left corner of the site in the World section.
Wait a few seconds, and World Viewer will create an image showing everything in your game world.

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