Of all the battles cons Berserkers of Waldheim, this is certainly the hardest of them.
Instead of a lonely enemy, you will face a duo of bosses from God of War Ragnarök: Boar, The Fierce, and Starter, The AMER.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all those dedicated to Berserkers, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War, so that they are relevant to all levels.
Unfortunately, unlike our other guides, it does not include video due to a recording problem.
Boar and Starter meet in the open mines of Jasmina, in Svaltafheim.
The tombstone is right in the arena before the entrance to the apple core.
It is not possible to fight when passing here the first time during the search for Tar.
You will have to go back later when you have the inert fist of Skinning.


To be able to activate Berserker’s headstones, first it is necessary to do the mission The Word of Destiny, as item to invoke enemies is achieved during the main quest.
We explain better in the Friend guide, below.

What equipment do you use against Boar and Starter?

These two heads are level 6, if you play at a high difficulty level, you will need at least the same level of equipment.
If the enemy’s life bar is red, with a skull, the victory is almost impossible.
Given the structure of the fight, we advise you to save these Berserkers to the end and go and make them at level 7 or 8+, especially if you play in a high difficulty mode.

Certain armor has the opportunity to shine in this fight, we think especially in the acelets and belt of splendor, because the deceleration with the distortion of kingdom helps to move better against two simultaneous chiefs.
Spartan fury is particularly effective in this fight, as it allows attacking the two Berserkers at the same time if you use it well, and protect you from attacks that you don’t see coming from the back.

Strategy against Boar and Starter

Individually, these two bosses are not very boring, although they are not kidding either.
They ing most attacks from previous Berserkers, with some mixing to spice things up.
They should not be underestimated, but the true difficulty comes from the fact that they are two at the same time.
Developers obviously realized that having two berserkers in melee at the same time was impossible to play.
This means that, most of the time, one of the bosses will target your partner (Atreus or Freya, depending on when you face them).
This leaves you with just one enemy to deal with.
Of course, it would be very easy to focus only on one target until it dies.
Berserkers usually reverse positions in the middle of the fight.
Your target will then retreat, or even teleport, while pronounced a characteristic phrase that is directed to the partner.
This change of target will happen regularly and is important for several reasons:
This prevents you from focusing on a single target, which prevents the rapid law of a boss.
If you approach a Berserker that is not aiming at you, you risk having both on your back at the same time, which is absolutely deadly.
It also means that you should try to stay away from the second boss during the fight to avoid unexpected and unwanted target changes.
This mainly means that during the second after the exchange sentence, we must expect an attack from the other Berserker, which will usually be a red load or a spell.
If you have not changed your target in time, you risk dying.
If you don’t have the other boss in sight, because he’s behind you, now it’s time to rush in a hurry.
If you do not attack Boar, the fierce immediately when he aims at you, the boss can use his mega explosion (blue circle), which will do extreme damage.
This is by far the main source of deaths in this fight.
It will be necessary to have patience during this fight.
Always try to have both Berserkers in your line of view (if possible), even if it means not using Target Lock.
And above all, do not ing them closer to each other, to prevent the second boss from deciding to attack him by surprise in the back, which would have disastrous consequences.
Target changes happen regularly, allowing you to prepare for them by turning the camera and warns to dodge and react to the specific skills of your new target, or rather the new Berserker that is about to reach you.
NOTE: If you attack a Berserker too aggressively during the time the warning sentence should have been pronounced, it seems to continue anyway, putting you in a lethal type 2 vs 1. So, don’t be too aggressive, reposition
-after a sequence to evaluate the situation and react to threats.

Boar, the fierce

He is the duo’s wizard, and you should know more or less much of your skills if you have done other Berserkers before.
As always, some skills are more painful than others, notably the four projectiles released from a high position, which should be dodged at the last moment, or the teleport followed by an explosion, which must be dodged or trimmed.
What makes Boar really annoying is its mega explosion (blue circle) to be oken with a shield blow (L1 x2).
Damage is extreme and reach has no limits.
The only solution is to interrupt it.
So always try to be close to the fierce when he aims at you.
You must also be prepared to run for him when there is a change of target.
Fortunately, he can’t use this ability when fighting his teammate, but if you get too close or if he changes target, he can launch the blow.

Starter, the threatening

Starter is the specialist in melee combat.
Her attacks should be relatively familiar to you as they resemble those of other Berserkers of the genre, like Friend.
What makes her dangerous is that she has two red attacks at a distance: the load and the jump of combat, which she throws almost every time, during the moment following a change of target.
As soon as Boar change targets, get ready to be attacked by the threatening.
Other than that, Starter uses two weapons instead of one, so she has long quick attack combos, with several guard eaking attacks included in the package.


The rhythm and sequence of combos is difficult to understand unless you are an expert in trimming, we advise you to avoid them and just trim the end of normal combos.