Warhammer 40k Dark tide allows players to choose from four classes of characters.
All four classes have their own play style.
Ogre Skull breaker is a clumsy tank and a stronghold of your line.
Veteran Sniper is a supplier of firepower of rangers, and the piker brings to a mixture of the power of the warp.
ZEALOT Preacher combines the firepower and close capabilities, and also has a unique style of the game.

The most effective Equipment for a fanatic producer at Warhammer 40k Dark tide

The most effective equipment for a fanatic preacher in Warhammer 40k Dark tide will be the one that will complement his position in a team, which at first glance is clearly not defined.
They are somewhere between Grin Heirloom and a veteran sniper.
Here is the best assembly of weapons for a fanatical preacher:
Nearby weapon: Thunder hammer/Ripper
Far Boy weapons: Bolton / Flame
The penalty fanatic is really a master of all hands, as he can provide very serious firepower with a Bolton or control the crowd with a flamethrower.

At the same time, they can fend for themselves in close combat and provide a large source of damage on one target with a thunderous hammer or to break several opponents into shreds with their GIP.


Our choice of feats is based on weapons that will be used and its adaptation to the team.
Here is the best combination of the skills that we found for a fanatical preacher.
Level 5: enemies inside, enemies outside
Level 10: Punishment
Level 15: inspirational irritation
Level 20: Your anger will be Sports
Level 25: growing conviction
Level 30: Fury of faithful
The selected set of skills allows you to play mainly at the near distance, but at the same time be able to destroy opponents using a flamethrower.
As an alternative, if you prefer to build your Pilot with a Bolton, you can take the executioner of the emperor at 25.
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