In the universe of League of Legends there are crowds of CC.
While many players will think that immobilizing as the Morgan or Murder prison such as Harbinger Granada, or even ASUS’s W that slows down, are the most powerful, these CCs are far from being the best in the game.

For this privilege post, many users will logically think of champions that have a suppression ability in their final as Warwick and Malabar, Manque seems surprising, the suppression is only the second-best CC of the game, well behind the Knock Up.
The latter are not so rare, and many popular champions have one in their skills: Yahoo, Malachite, One, Zac, Jar van, etc.
This is the 3rd type of CC most present in the game.
For those who do not know exactly what it is, this is the action where a champion throws another through the air.
But why are they so strong?

With just counterplay

Like many CC in this Mob, the Knock Up can dodge with skill or making a predict.
Therefore, one would think that they are weaker than a Malabar Multi since it could only use objects to take this spell.
To cancel the effects of the Malabar Ultimate, you can only do it through the mercurial scimitar, or the silver dawn.
Another fact to keep in mind is that suppression is already an extremely strong state in LOL, so the cleaning and the object of Mikael’s melting do not protect against its effects.
If this seems strong, for the Knock Ups it is even worse because even these two objects do not work against them.
The only elements that can potentially counteract them are the Banshee and the edge of the night, since both absorb the following spell.
However, their shields are very visible, so if you hit with another spell before using the demolition to disable them you can do it without problems.
In any case, if your champion is beaten by a Knock Up, you can virtually say goodbye to your life.
You will not be able to move, counterattack or even use a Honda until you touch the ground again, the Knock Ups is the only CC in the game in which there really is nothing you can do if it impacts you, even though you accumulate
A lot of tenacity.


How to protect against them or make them not have so much impact?

To survive a Knock Up, you will have to trust that some of your allies have the right tools in the form of skills to help you.
As we mentioned earlier, if you are not untouchable for your enemies, this means that your allies can also heal or protect yourself with shields.
Of course, if they don’t have one in their spell kit, they will not be able to act directly.
It must also be taken into account that it is against intuitive to point to a champion in the air with the mouse, since his position on the screen does not reflect his location for the game, which he considers that he is always at his starting point.
This peculiarity is due to the angle of the camera in LOL, which does not reflect the height very well.
The best solution is to use the automatic allies pointed out through shortcuts.
The other solution would be to lower power to this type of CC.
If the mercurial scimitar and the silver dawn do not work, it is because the LOL code cannot directly return to the punished champion.
Such modification seems impossible in the current state of the source code, at least not without a great modification of the latter, something that Riot Games does not want to do for the moment, due to all the problems that this type of changes can generate.
Within the game code.
On the other hand, a possible alternative would be to slightly change the active of the objects mentioned above, ensuring that they not only protect against a CC already received, but also against the first CC that hit you seconds after activation.
Then it would be possible to counteract the Knock UP activating the element in a preventive way, and the time window is quite short, this should not make them too strong, as if it were a Honda sand watch.