Are you a fan of pirate adventures? Then you’ll love the latest installment in the Dynasty series: Pirate’s Dynasty: Survival! This game takes all the thrilling action of pirate life and combines it with complex base building and resource management to create an excitingly immersive experience. Read on to learn more about this amazing game and its unique mechanics!

After publisher Topline Productions has already covered a wide range of reprises on land with Medieval Dynasty, Lumberjacks Dynasty and Farmers Dynasty, the freshly announced offshoot Pirates Dynasty should lastly travel digital waters.
Survival on the high seas starts just in the third quarter of 2023.

The Dynasty series, not to be confused with Goa Teams Dynasty Warriors titles and its manic mass fights, has constantly been relating to survival, base building and role-playing elements, no matter the setting.

Pirates Dynasty: New team, new experience

Classic pirate food with survival elements should playfully expect: sea fights, setting up your own team, customizing your own ship and obviously the exploration of tropical islands on which important methods of survival are hidden.


With a cooperative multiplayer mode and a procedurally produced world, you also want to make sure variety and high reflection.

For the time being, Pirates Dynasty is only for the PC, on the Steam page of the video game you will find more info about the pirate adventure.
With Medieval Dynasty, however, it has already been made comfy on the consoles, which is why a comparable announcement should not be ruled out.

Even if Topline Productions always functions as a publisher, the different titles of the Dynasty series frequently originate from various designers.
Likewise at the upcoming pirate experience, for which you get the team from Studio Gold Hind Games on board to raise your sail with a budding full of one and the tax in the other hand next year.

survival in the future

Pirates Dynasty is by no implies the only title in the series that publisher Topline Productions still has in the oven.
With Senior Dynasty and Wild West Dynasty, two more survival branches are already planned, both of whom are also to be launched in 2023-and this is still in sail prior to Pirates Dynasty.

From February 16, 2023, Wild West Dynasty will take you far from the Wilde West, consisting of cowboys and revolvers, whose survival is not just threatened by the firearms of the other.
With Senior Dynasty, however, in the second quarter of 2023 it goes to the feudal Japan.