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Month: January 2023

Pizza Party! Try Out The New Mario-Themed Frozen Pizzas From Nintendo

Mamma Mia!
From February, you will find Mario and Co. not just in your Nintendo consoles, however soon also in the freezer.
Super-Mario and his good friends soon decorate their own pizza variations in the discounters of your trust.
Feinberger Food GmbH is responsible for this, which complies with the franchise of the popular Italian plumbing technician from Nintendo.
In the short article, we reveal what lags the new Pizzatainment brand and what other varieties are prepared.

The Super Mario pizza is coming!

Feinberger Food GmbH makes it possible: Quickly you can find your favorite plumbing technician from Nintendo in the frozen topics throughout Germany.
From February 6, 2023, the new Pizzatainment brand name will be introduced with which Feinberger Food GmbH wants to combine frozen pizza and branding.
Premium pizza is to be combined with heroes and heroines from the gamer and kids entertainment scene.
The brand-new Super Mario pizza from Pizzatainment.
Source: Feinberger Food GmbH
There will be 2 various variations at the start: Mario and Luigi will decorate the Triple Salami Explosion with their face, which will be a mix of salami, chorizo salami and Calabrese-style salami cubes.
Mario and Luigi meanwhile decorate the 4 Cheese Deluxe with Mozzarella, Red Cheddar, Emmentaler and Gorgonzola, fine-tuned with Sweet Sprinkles.
According to the GamesWirtschaft, the Super Mario pizzas will be found in taking part markets of RENE, EDEMA, Aldi Nord, Aldi Süd, Globes, Net to and Cent.
Worth reading: Amazon Super offers: up to 64% discount for TVs, PS5, SSD, PC, RTX 4080 & Co. This is not the first effort by Freiberg Home entertainment and Food.
Currently, in 2022 there was a cooperation in between the food maker and the RTL-two everyday soap Berlin-Day and Night.
At that time, the adoption was marketed.


From March there will be an FC-Bayern-Munich-Actionpizza – M with Gouda-Mozarella, Calabrese Salami, tomato pesto and herbs.
Source: video games economy
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George Osric: Meet The Remarkable Member Of The Ministry Of Magic In Hogwarts Legacy

Waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, a game that will be released soon on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, we ought another text with information from a game character.
It was time to talk about George Eric, a member of the Ministry of Magic.

Who is the Minister of Magic in 1890?

In JK Rowling’s universe, there is a magic minister in each country but is generally especially the United Kingdom that interests us.
He is democratically elected every 7 years, but there may be some exceptions.
On the functional side, he must take care of everything related to the magic community, appointing department directors at the Ministry of Magic (Mysteries Department, Muggle Subjects, etc.)
As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy takes place in 1890 and at that time it was Paris Spavin who was the Minister of Magic.
He is also the one who fulfilled the longest term between 1865 and 1903, and gave up office at 147.

George Eric: Notable member of the Ministry or Minister of Magic?

  • Name: George Eric
  • Age: Unknown
  • House: Shuffled
  • Occupation: high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Magic
    First George Eric was introduced as a high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Magic, but not exactly in which department he works.
    We have seen this character in the first Hogwarts Legacy trailer: he is in the carriage with Professor Fig and the player.
    Since George is not a character in Harry Potter’s books and movies, the question if he would be the magic minister, in fact, was in the air.


A post on Twitter’s official game account cites Eric as Minister of Magic.
But in the next text, he already cited as a high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Magic.

Therefore, it is still ambiguous if he is really the magic minister really during Hogwarts Legacy events.
George Eric is described as a fascinating and sociable man (he does not like loneliness).
He is a friend of decades of Professor Fig and his wife Miriam.
The incredible ability to solve puzzles, combined with loyalty and reliability, led Miriam to ask Eric’s help to solve a seemingly indecipherable puzzle she discovered shortly before she died.
Apparently, George will need our character’s help in this mystery that will be part of the game.
We can, therefore, expect the Ministry officer to have an important participation in the plot.

Stade Reimes Secures Draw Against PSG Despite Neymars Last Minute Hit And Playing Short-Handed

After the combined start of the calendar year 2023, consisting of two beats from the very first four league video games, there was a lot of pressure in the Princes PARC, after all, the lead over the pursuer Lens had melted together to 3 points.
And it was exactly this pressure that was likewise obvious against State Games from the start of Christophe Cartier.
The table twelfth pushed the preferred deep into its own half and bravely played forward.
The outsider likewise came to the first opportunities, Halogen missed out on two times, while Munetrix failed after preparatory work of flips on the shiny thonnarumma (18th).
Little originated from PSG in the preliminary, just with increasing playing time did the league leader of Ligue 1 considerably increase.
Just a couple of minutes after the change of sides, the Parisians rewarded themselves for this increased effort.


A blocked Messi shot landed in front of the feet of Neymar, who might not be asked twice and netted to lead (51. ).
For a long period of time, nevertheless, the pleasure of 1-0 did not last because the Ferret, who had just replaced at halftime, totally overemphasized versus Ito.
After a prolonged VAR check, the Italian had to leave the field (59. ).

with the last attack: Halogen plays the party crashed

However, the capital club was not discouraged, however rather of getting involved, advanced the second objective, Flips clarified a Ramos head on the line (64. ).
Just a minute later on, the ball was on the net, Hakim had fulfilled Messi after preparatory work.
But here to the VAR actioned in, the Moroccan stuck out in the side (65th).
In the last minutes, the outsider pushed the equalization, PSG lurked on counterattack.
So likewise with the greatest chance of the last phase that Messi left from eight meters.
When the young Zaire Emery made the last chance of the guests possible with a bad pass in midfield, whatever looked like a win for the home side.
Columbia grabbed the ball, gave off on Halogen, and he remained in front of Donnarumma Cool (90. +6).
With the last attack of the video game, the outsider really equalized.
Immediately later on it was over, and the point of points stand and PSG had the chance to make five points from pursuer Lens, who had previously just played 1-1 in Troyes.

It stays with three points ahead.
Paris will be back in action next Wednesday (9 p.m.), then the duel with Montpellier is pending.
On Wednesday Games has to go back to the league, from 7 p.m. it will be against FC Lorient.

Leverkusen Denies Rumors of Jonathan Tah and Piero Hincapie Transfer, Despite Interest From England

Premier League promoted Nottingham Forest has concrete interest in Leverkusen’s protector Jonathan TAH and want to sign it in January.
In England, the national champion is even speculated above a 26 million deals of the two-time European Cup winner, which need to not correspond to reality.
Nevertheless, according to Simon Roles, there will be no transfer of the 26-year-old German international in the existing transfer window.
We will not hand in Joan, the handling director Sport on Sunday informed the of the legal foot, which is contractually bound by 2025.

TAH, who, under coach ABI Alonso, lost the unshakable Status as the protective chief and the central player in the triple chain, however was lastly back in the beginning eleven in the 2-0 against Bochum, will stay from England in spite of the advertising.
And the very same must also apply to Piero Hippie.
For weeks, reports about the interests of numerous clubs have been ranking in order to have the only left foot under Leverkusen’s main protectors.
In some cases it is Chelsea, often arsenal, sometimes Tottenham, with whom he is associated with 21-year-olds.


According to the picture, the Spurs need to now have actually made a deal of over 25 million euros for Hippie.
However, Roles likewise omits a transfer here.
We won’t provide it up either, states the 41-year-old.
Rather, the club wishes to extend the agreement of the Ecuadorian World Cup individual that is still running up until 2026.

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