Premier League promoted Nottingham Forest has concrete interest in Leverkusen’s protector Jonathan TAH and want to sign it in January.
In England, the national champion is even speculated above a 26 million deals of the two-time European Cup winner, which need to not correspond to reality.
Nevertheless, according to Simon Roles, there will be no transfer of the 26-year-old German international in the existing transfer window.
We will not hand in Joan, the handling director Sport on Sunday informed the of the legal foot, which is contractually bound by 2025.

TAH, who, under coach ABI Alonso, lost the unshakable Status as the protective chief and the central player in the triple chain, however was lastly back in the beginning eleven in the 2-0 against Bochum, will stay from England in spite of the advertising.
And the very same must also apply to Piero Hippie.
For weeks, reports about the interests of numerous clubs have been ranking in order to have the only left foot under Leverkusen’s main protectors.
In some cases it is Chelsea, often arsenal, sometimes Tottenham, with whom he is associated with 21-year-olds.


According to the picture, the Spurs need to now have actually made a deal of over 25 million euros for Hippie.
However, Roles likewise omits a transfer here.
We won’t provide it up either, states the 41-year-old.
Rather, the club wishes to extend the agreement of the Ecuadorian World Cup individual that is still running up until 2026.