Waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, a game that will be released soon on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, we ought another text with information from a game character.
It was time to talk about George Eric, a member of the Ministry of Magic.

Who is the Minister of Magic in 1890?

In JK Rowling’s universe, there is a magic minister in each country but is generally especially the United Kingdom that interests us.
He is democratically elected every 7 years, but there may be some exceptions.
On the functional side, he must take care of everything related to the magic community, appointing department directors at the Ministry of Magic (Mysteries Department, Muggle Subjects, etc.)
As a reminder, Hogwarts Legacy takes place in 1890 and at that time it was Paris Spavin who was the Minister of Magic.
He is also the one who fulfilled the longest term between 1865 and 1903, and gave up office at 147.

George Eric: Notable member of the Ministry or Minister of Magic?

  • Name: George Eric
  • Age: Unknown
  • House: Shuffled
  • Occupation: high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Magic
    First George Eric was introduced as a high-ranking employee of the Ministry of Magic, but not exactly in which department he works.
    We have seen this character in the first Hogwarts Legacy trailer: he is in the carriage with Professor Fig and the player.
    Since George is not a character in Harry Potter’s books and movies, the question if he would be the magic minister, in fact, was in the air.


A post on Twitter’s official game account cites Eric as Minister of Magic.
But in the next text, he already cited as a high-ranking officer of the Ministry of Magic.

Therefore, it is still ambiguous if he is really the magic minister really during Hogwarts Legacy events.
George Eric is described as a fascinating and sociable man (he does not like loneliness).
He is a friend of decades of Professor Fig and his wife Miriam.
The incredible ability to solve puzzles, combined with loyalty and reliability, led Miriam to ask Eric’s help to solve a seemingly indecipherable puzzle she discovered shortly before she died.
Apparently, George will need our character’s help in this mystery that will be part of the game.
We can, therefore, expect the Ministry officer to have an important participation in the plot.