Mamma Mia!
From February, you will find Mario and Co. not just in your Nintendo consoles, however soon also in the freezer.
Super-Mario and his good friends soon decorate their own pizza variations in the discounters of your trust.
Feinberger Food GmbH is responsible for this, which complies with the franchise of the popular Italian plumbing technician from Nintendo.
In the short article, we reveal what lags the new Pizzatainment brand and what other varieties are prepared.

The Super Mario pizza is coming!

Feinberger Food GmbH makes it possible: Quickly you can find your favorite plumbing technician from Nintendo in the frozen topics throughout Germany.
From February 6, 2023, the new Pizzatainment brand name will be introduced with which Feinberger Food GmbH wants to combine frozen pizza and branding.
Premium pizza is to be combined with heroes and heroines from the gamer and kids entertainment scene.
The brand-new Super Mario pizza from Pizzatainment.
Source: Feinberger Food GmbH
There will be 2 various variations at the start: Mario and Luigi will decorate the Triple Salami Explosion with their face, which will be a mix of salami, chorizo salami and Calabrese-style salami cubes.
Mario and Luigi meanwhile decorate the 4 Cheese Deluxe with Mozzarella, Red Cheddar, Emmentaler and Gorgonzola, fine-tuned with Sweet Sprinkles.
According to the GamesWirtschaft, the Super Mario pizzas will be found in taking part markets of RENE, EDEMA, Aldi Nord, Aldi Süd, Globes, Net to and Cent.
Worth reading: Amazon Super offers: up to 64% discount for TVs, PS5, SSD, PC, RTX 4080 & Co. This is not the first effort by Freiberg Home entertainment and Food.
Currently, in 2022 there was a cooperation in between the food maker and the RTL-two everyday soap Berlin-Day and Night.
At that time, the adoption was marketed.


From March there will be an FC-Bayern-Munich-Actionpizza – M with Gouda-Mozarella, Calabrese Salami, tomato pesto and herbs.
Source: video games economy
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