The batteries have actually charged Lea Sophie Friedrich and Emma Hinge in the sun of Cape Town, now the title hunt can begin again.
When the European train bike champions start in Gretchen, Switzerland on Wednesday, the medal guarantees wish to sign up on a worldwide phase.
Above all, the training school in January with the great weather in Cape Town was great at all people, said Friedrich.
Sweetheart and irreversible rival Hinge included: The break was crucial. I needed time for myself and for my training.
After the remarkable success story at the European Champions in Munich in August 2022, when Hinge and Friedrich introduced half of the eight German gold medals, the two remarkable motorists had actually already had a hard time at the World Cup in Saint-Quentin-En-Yvelines and had to have 2 of the 4 titles
delegated the strong French ladies in the short-term area.
After that absolutely nothing worked anymore.
Hinge no longer completed in the Champions League, Friedrich needed to give up ill and exhausted after the 2nd round in Berlin.

Vowels EM record might wiggle

On the hunt for precious metal: Lea Sophie Friedrich and Emma Hinge.
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Now the restart.
Does the long-term battle discover its continuation?
When it pertains to World Cup titles, Friedrich is 7: 6 opposite Hinge.
Kristina Vogel’s World Cup record with eleven success ought to quickly wiggle.
At the EM it is still 3: 3 in between the two colleagues.
Hinge does not desire to make expectations too large.
I feel rather excellent, but not yet where I wish to be. I believe the EM comes a little too early, said the 25-year-old.
Friedrich, 2 years more youthful, seems to be one step even more.
At the three-day Berlin six-day race, she recently had her ahead in the sprint competition versus Hinge.
She does not want to overstate this: Berlin was cool and enjoyed it, but was above all excellent training..

Friedrich’s focus in Switzerland is primarily on the Karin.
According to EM and World Cup gold 2021 and the repetition 2022, the combating queen would only like to continue her success series.
I definitely wish to keep the title, whatever else would be lied, said Friedrich.
Hinge will likewise focus on the Sprint and Karin Olympic disciplines.
It has actually not yet been chosen whether she starts again over the 500 meters, where she won after EM gold at the World Cup.


Olympic Games 2024 Throw their shadows ahead.

Before Friedrich and Hinge go to the wood oval, they wish to get the first title at the start of the team in the team sprint.
Another Cottbus is added to Pauline Grabs as a task.
Because the credentials for the 2024 Olympic Games starts in Gretchen, a great result is likewise compulsory for world and European champs.
Just eight teams will run in Paris next year.
We absolutely wish to carry out well and protect our place, said Friedrich.
And Hinge agrees: In the end it is necessary that we take the points for the Olympic certification..
If, like in Munich, a couple of more medals were included, neither of them would have anything against it.