In the world of Hogwarts Legacy, there are many areas that require the use of magic to open them to exploration.
Although there will be all kinds of secret rooms and hidden corners, one of the first obstacles in your path will be the cobwebs.
If you are looking for a solution on how to destroy spider fabrics in Hogwarts Legacies is what you need to know.

destroying cobwebs at Hogwarts Legacy

The presence of cobwebs is often a danger signal as much as a possible obstacle that blocks your path.

At the beginning of the history of Hogwarts Legacy, your character will learn the useful spell known as fire, which shoots burning flames from your wand to a target at a short distance. This is its best method to eliminate any network that is blocking it.


Not only can the cobwebs clear, but it is also a powerful tool against the many spider enemies that can damage you in the game.
Throw fire, or any other spell that involves fire such as bombard or confringing, will set the spiders fire, and if they have little health, a second blow with only your basic attack will turn them on and cause an explosion of the effect area.
Learning to take advantage of them will allow you to deal with spiders much more effectively.
Once they are out of the image, you can clean your networks without further problems.
With this new knowledge of how to destroy cobwebs at Hogwarts Legacy, you are better equipped to discover more in this huge world.
For anything else about the game, be sure to consult the related content, or look for for more specific consultations.
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