Since For spoken went on sale a few weeks ago, many criticisms have rained for almost all its sections, the graphics being one of the most spoken topics by the players.


Also, the people mostly rejected the performance of the protagonist, with dialogues that could be embarrassed, even the most patients.
Frey’s voice actress, she Babinski, witnesses all complaints on the internet, either through Twitter or YouTube, and to many not bothers her, but accepts the different reactions towards her character and interpretation of it.
Here are your statements:

There are things that we all do that could surprise other people.
I think people always have a positive or negative response to something that are not accustomed to seeing, and that is completely well because that is the way we incite change.

I would never have imagined playing down with my mother’s hairdresser as she fixed her hair.
Now, thinking that you can take this game and play like me is simply incredible.
And I hope I inspire other people to realize that if you commit enough, something really crazy can happen.
Remember that For spoken is available on PS5 and PC.
Via: Game spot
Editor’s note: It is evident that these types of criticism are something that does not take away his dream, after all Square Enix already made the respective payment for his work.
In addition, there are only a couple of dialogues that are half bad, beyond there is nothing that can be considered lousy.