The Aaron Bezel (30), which was moved quickly prior to the Deadline from SC Very to Oberhausen, was only on the bench in the 5-0 win over the U-21 team of 1. FC Cologne and will probably also exist on Saturday
TWO trainer Mike Terra nova (46) does not intend to alter the victorious formation: Why? He asks more rhetorically and is still really pleased by the spirited maturity and the constant exploitation of opportunities versus Perfume.
Both had actually currently been displayed in the 4-0 in the last test versus Playback’s offspring.
This offered us a wide breast en route, stated Christian Mary (28), who, together with Fabian Holidays (28), now surpasses up a lot in midfield and also exposes final qualities.
Since Anton Heinz (25) at the very same time did not take a free-and-frege or charge, however out of the game-and Sven Rear (31) more and more and much better than hanging almost best and top PlayStation, the offensive of the clover leaves ends up being a growing number of
harder to calculate.
The basis of whatever is the defense.
Defender Nico Klein (25) As its employer, was exceptionally satisfied: If everyone does what is talked about, we form an excellent network and an absolute bulwark.

February 202340: 58 minutes

# 5: Referee in amateur football with Patrick Dietrich

The start of the second half of the season is completed-Felix and Dinar report back to the podcast with different sensations.
In combination with Bundesliga referee Patrick Dietrich, the two speak about referees in amateur football and elicit him in the way he would whistle in the district league.

## 4: Schneekhaos, school and research studies


# 3: squeezed like a lemon


# 2: match day rituals and sleep on the highway


# 1: Children’s series and professional football

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The workers’ scenario has unwound at TWO, especially given that Tanja Turk (33) is now in training once again after a brief failure.
I have more choice again, breathes terracotta up.
But as I stated: why need to I change something, I’m pleased.
In Lipstadt the next triumph must be used once again on Saturday-best to zero once again, like the last 3 times, hopes the coach.
And after that comes the SV Rödinghausen, with which TWO has an invoice open-1: 5 the Oberhausen lost in the summer in the When Mountains.
At TWO, the table is only triggered and not even discussing the distance to the dream location.
Aachen’s defeat in Münster lets the field of clubs closes closely behind the leader.
We remain concentrated, highlights Skills Class.
That is probably the bid of the hour.