By way of Pavement, this guide will include some errors.


It is almost impossible to tell you where the outfit lacks ruining certain aspects of the story.
Read the rest to discover where to discover P7 clothing in Control.

Control-where to discover the P7 attire

Throughout the Mission Face of the Enemy, you will check out the containment location to try to make your method to the wonder zone.
You can just access this area after discovering P6 in the containment location.

You will get here at the location suggested on the card called the program of the ideal prospect, which consists of the P6 and P7 spaces.
Furthermore, you can explore these spaces to discover collectibles.
Furthermore, you can see the area marked on the map above by the red cursor.
When you explore the P7 part, make sure to sign in the locker situated in the center of the room to get the P7 attire.
If you desire to extend family ties, it’s a good hold while you play.