In Hogwarts Legacy, players can perform various quests and puzzles, studying various spells during their journey.
Merlin’s tests are one of the puzzles that you will face most often, and they are scattered throughout the map.
The completion of the tests of Merlin will open additional equipment slots, which will make them one of the best puzzles to solve at an early stage.
Here’s how to go through the test of Merlin in Kin bridge in Hogwarts’s Heritage.

How to take a test of Merlin in Inside Heritage Hogwarts

You can solve Kin bridge Merlin test in several ways, but you need to have a vanadium Levies or Repulse quickly fulfill this task.
If you have repulse, just strength pushes a round object to the bridge.
You can simply use Basic Cast several times to push the object, but with Repulse it happens much faster.
Cross the sellers store and continue to go straight to the bridge, pushing the object.
In addition, you can use Levies Vanadium to manually move a round object across the bridge.


It was easier for us to do this with Repulse, but you can use the spell that you prefer.
If you use repulse, be sure to use the Arrested Momentum with it to retain a round object if it gains too much speed and moves in a different direction.
The slot for this round object is located on the other side of the bridge.

Check the images above to see how to perform this quest.
You will need to spend it over the bridge and insert it into the camera to complete the test of Sirius Merlin in the Hogwarts heritage.
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