There are apps that are popping among peers these days.


It is a meta bus platform application ‘Bonded’.
Bond, reminiscent of ‘World’, which was used a lot in the early 2000s, can decorate his character and room with his friends and play with his friends.

In particular, Bond differentiates it from other SNS apps in that it can only receive up to 50 friends.
In the so-called ‘steaming’, you can invite my hangout.

In addition, only people who have friends with each other can check the comments, so you don’t have to worry about others.
If you want to meet a new Bond user besides your friend, you can take a boat to the sea and throw a ‘current bottle’.
The meeting of new people and maintaining relationships with existing people depends on my choice.

In fact, I asked a friend who uses Bond, and the most commonly used ‘KakaoTalk’ is only a profile change, messenger, and voice stock, but Bond is fun to express it in various ways, such as changing character status, decorating space, and chat with friends in my hangout.
In other words, it is the key to Bond’s popularity that I can express my feelings in my space as my avatar.
In addition, it was a bonus that seemed to be young now, I am now hot meta bus users!

About four months after its launch, Bond ranked first in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store free app category on the 12th.