2023 is going to be an expensive year for PlayStation players. PlayStation VR2 is also releasing this year. To this end, Sony is offering PS4 and PS5 users a unique 10 discount rate on any PlayStation Shop purchase.

It’s unclear how lots of codes are being offered or how long this promotion will run. If this information is supplied by Sony, we will update the story appropriately, In the meantime, watch for an e-mail from Sony.

Beginning this month, Sony has actually been rolling out discount codes to random PSN users. And there’s just one catch. You require utilizing the code through the PS App. So, if you do not have the PS App, this is most likely Sony’s way to push you its way. When it comes to the codes, they are apparently being sent out at random and via email. In order to be qualified you will need to ensure your PSN account enables for marketing e-mails from PlayStation. That said, this alone isn’t enough. And after that from here it’s just a matter of luck.

You can check out our short article that goes into every major video game launching this month if you’re looking for something to use the code on. Hogwarts Legacy is certainly the standout this month, however it’s not the only notable video game dropping this month. The aforementioned Atomic Heart is out in a few days, and the likes of Wild Hearts, Sons of the Forest, and a brand-new Horizon game are all also out in February.


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2023 is going to be a pricey year for PlayStation players. PlayStation VR2 is also releasing this year. Suffice to say, PlayStation players will need to pinch pennies when they can. To this end, Sony is using PS4 and PS5 users a special 10 discount on any PlayStation Store purchase.

In order to be eligible you will require to make sure your PSN account allows for promotional e-mails from PlayStation.