After two years of constant updates, the Call of Duty: War zone Original received a sequel to War zone 2. The next iteration of the free Battle Royale has undoubtedly caused division between much of the fans base, since many players have tried to return.
To the simplest times of boiler and true.
If you are one of the many who wonder about the state of war zone 1, including if it is still playable gold on the shelf forever is what you need to know.

Can War zone 1 still play in 2023?

Image Source: Activision
To answer the question, yes, you can still play War zone 1. After the launch of War zone 2, the first entry was eliminated and then relaunched as War zone Caldera after thanksgiving holidays.
However, it is not as simple as looking for it in the showcase of your choice.
War zone Caldera is no longer an own entity, since he no longer receives content updates, patches or maintenance since the sequel became the main title to play.
Now it is a game mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare of 2019, which means it is no longer free-to-playy as the name implies, it will only have access to Caldera in this way, since the resurgence mode have been eliminated, the Renaissance Island and Fortunes Keep.


That is all you need to know about whether you can still play War zone 1. To get more War zone content, move below to get more advice and tricks.
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