There are many things that players have to operate in Rim world, such as managing resources, providing refuge, producing food, forming relationships with other colonies and tribes, investigating new technologies, defending themselves with hostile forces and much more.


And it gives the chance that keeping their colony fed each season is possible with a well-managed hydroponic installation.
With the use of hydroponics, one of the biggest challenges of the game will be eliminated, so you can concentrate on more important things such as organ cultivation and avoid pirate attacks.
Do you have what is needed to become a true hydroponic farmer?
If so, Rim world is the perfect place for you to try your skills with gardening.

The best rim world hydroponic designs

As a central objective of Rim world, it must establish and maintain a colony that is safe and protected from the threats that could try to destroy it.
To achieve this goal, the colony must grow food and become self-sufficient in terms of production.
Over time, however, you will face increasingly dangerous threats, which will press you to protect your settlers and resources.
Said all this, some designs are presented below to consider whether to maximize their production of crops in Rim world:


Image source: R/proton in Reddit
Regardless of the other obstacles to which your colony can face, you must give food production at the beginning of the game.
To move forward to the colony until things are calmed, you can build a rapid underground hydroponic system to handle a variety of problems.
Under a solar lamp, you can configure 18 sinks using the cash method.
Although there is no room for heaters, bonfires or walking, the design works quite well.
For any design, this can be the most important characteristic when colonizers starve.

The block

Image Source: R/Mehdi on Reddit
The block method may not be the most creative, but it is simple and easy to build.
To provide sunlight at 24 basins, a solar lamp is placed in the direct center.
In addition to providing heat, heater to the sides also provide some protection.
A great inconvenience of this construction is that flamethrowers cannot be used.
Fire represents a serious threat to the survival of its crops.

The symmetric

Image Source: R/Rajah in Reddit
The aesthetics of a hydroponic design is everything for some players.
It can be an advantage in Rim world, since the settlers enjoy contemplating art.
A smaller colony could still grow with this design despite the lack of space to walk between the ponds.
A cross-shaped pattern with seven basins is formed at the top and bottom, five on each side and four in the middle.
One of the aspects that makes it worth considering this Rim world hydroponic design is the location of the flamethrowers in each corner.
A safe production method is always preferable to an unfortunate one when it comes to food.

The swirl

Image Source: R/Mehdi in Reddit
Two launches are strategically placed diagonally to the solar lamp in the center of this design to reduce the risk of fire destroying crops.
The center of the hardware store is surrounded by two heaters, which supply the rest of the crops needs.
The problem with this design is that it is more difficult to build.

The circle

Image Source: R/Feelingmeanbcgreen on Reddit
As its population of settlers grows, their crops should grow organically in a perfect hydroponic environment due to the natural growth of their crops.
This design offers a simple design with 18 sinks per side and a solar lamp in the middle.
Workers can easily move between beds due to spaces between individual basins.
Heating is not needed because the installation is done on the ground, which also allows you to better use the space.

The extra space for the feet

Image source: Collider1 in the Hudson forum
Instead of planting crops underground, this design tends them on the ground without the need for heating lamps.
If you do not have a large colony and a lot of patience, move from underground does not offer the same benefits as to move underground.
The design facilitates the movement between the beds, and it is easy to identify its different crops because the spaces between the basins facilitate the distinction between them.
Although the central crossbar and the walls on both sides do not provide any benefit to the crops, they are added to the visual impact of this design.

The mental health of the settlers is affected by aesthetics, especially if they practice it.

The hybrid

Image Source: R/Mehdi on Reddit
This construction, which uses both the force of the swirl and the block, is a good example of how the commitment works.
There are still two firecrackers for protection, although it is not so difficult to build.
The heaters who move towards the north and south edges of the bed have provided good heat coverage to growing plants.
It is also faster to install because the toilets are arranged in a way that facilitates its placement.
A welcome advantage when hybrid hydroponic configuration begins is that it uses the same amount of energy as swirl configuration.

How to make the best hydroponic designs in Rim world

Image Source: Hudson Studies
Now that you have an idea of the best hydroponic configuration, here are some key things that you should consider:
Plan your design-Before starting construction, consider where you want to place each type of plant to receive the right amount of sunlight and water.
Try to keep your system as compact as possible and at the same time allow adequate space between plants.
Choose a configuration-there are several types, such as deep-waters cultivation, nutrient film, Ireland and flow and reflux systems.
Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, so consider which one will work better for their particular situation.
Build wisely-Invest on high quality materials and be sure to seal all connections well so that neither water nor nutrients escape.
In addition, be sure to install a filter in your system so that you can avoid the entry of unwanted pests or waste that can obstruct pipes over time.
Keep regularly-be sure to check your hydroponic system regularly and keep it clean.
If you notice any problem, turn it immediately.

This will ensure that their plants obtain the nutrients they need and that their system continues to function efficiently.
From cultivating exotic plants in a strange environment to designing complex irrigation systems with precision, Rim world has all the necessary tools to build and manage your own successful hydroponic garden.
So, why not try?
With thousands of designs available at your fingertips, there will surely be one that suits your unique style.
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