Fortnite is marking the end of its chapter 4 season 1 with a new series of missions called Cipher Quests.
These missions offer players the opportunity to win extra XP and some cosmetic rewards before the season ends.
New missions are unlocked every day since February 2.
From March 28 to 7, and players will have until March 10 to complete them all.
Here is how to complete all encryption missions in Fortnite.

All encryption missions without encrypting Fortnite

The without encrypting missions are missions that have obvious objectives and are added every day.
These are more abundant than encrypted missions and easier to complete, such as visiting certain places or eliminating players with specific weapons.

Each complete mission reward with 10,000 XP, and here is the complete list:
Visit the advanced bastion positions (3)
Collect Cores ammunition (150)
Improve vehicles with off-road tires or cows pickups or (3)
Enemies with remote weapons hits from 75 meters or more (5)
Get eliminations with an unusual or higher rarity weapon (3-four stages)
Damages opponents with the infantry rifle or Six Shooter (300-four stages)
Discovery Quest: Wins XP in experiences created by creators (50,000)

All Fortnite’s encrypted missions in Fortnite

Encrypted missions need to think a little more and are not as simple as non-encrypted missions.
There are less encrypted missions, and it is necessary to complete them to unlock the next once available.
The first encrypted Quest has the description Inspect the wall… under the East building… followed by this Code:
We will update the guide as there are more missions available.
You can read more about all Cipher missions here.
That is how to complete all encryption missions in Fortnite.


Be sure to consult the complete list of rewards available to unlock completing these missions during the event and follow the links below to get other useful Fortnite guides.
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