Unlike a lot of JRPG, Sociopath Tourist 2 is one of minority games in which you have to make use of all the personalities at different points.
Since they are all the major characters of their stories, this is.
Hence, you never abide by one combination of celebrations and also turn over those that you do not like to the reserve.
This management will inform you about a pair of party formations that you can consider.

The very best plans and also mixes of events in Sociopath Traveler 2

Please keep in mind that this management is planned for the development of a fight team, particularly.
We have a separate guide for Course Action, if you want to know that to take with you if you require all Path Activities, available both night and day.

Balanced Celebration

  • Hikaru
  • Teens
  • Anna
  • Oswald
    We make sure that the reason for such a combination is obvious.


This is a group with a warrior and a magician for a strike, one personality with support abilities as well as a therapist.
You will never be misinterpreted with safe setup!

Ambitious Event

  • Out
  • Phase
  • Anna
  • Cassia
    From the point of view of pure firepower, Outvote is a character that ought to select for huge damage from tools.
    She and also the career of a seeker by nature is a high physical.
    As well as important qualities.
    Agnes can increase its striking capacities, and also Partition can share the BP needed for it to quickly use large damage.
    We like Katya as a therapist of this group, as it can function as a dealership of rebuffs to include extra safety measures.
    In the end, the greatest downside of this celebration is the absence of security.

Event for removing the mafia Leave it to Oswald

  • Oswald
  • Anna
  • throne
  • Hikaru
    The method to use this setting is straightforward: ensure that it is an evening to activate the aficionados triggered by the talent of the throne, utilize Any to strike Elma Oswald.
    Power as well as eliminate all the mobs you see utilizing the abilities of Oswald AOE.
    Obviously, you will certainly intend to first break the entire guard of the opponent prior to doing all this-what Hikaru can assist with.
    You can show him the abilities of utilizing tools that he does not have.
    If you have a creator of a certificate, you can select it either a throne or Hikaru for access to all tools, which they do not have, that makes a hacking a piece of pie!

Celebration that we utilize to obtain Exp and also JP

  • Anna
  • Chapter
  • Cleric similar to Teens
  • Free slot
    A more thorough explanation is in our EXP & JP pumping overview, but this team abuses the reality that Dancer Bewildering Poise is an ability that exists.
    This can promptly minimize your degrees as well as the quantity of JP.

Ideal Employer Celebration

  • Hikaru
  • throne
  • Anna or Outlet
  • Partition (with the part-time job of the cleric), Teens or Castti
    The finest boss teams are those that survive.
    The damages are second!
    The occupation of warrior in Sociopath Tourist 2 (and, appropriately, Hikaru) is not an offensive system.
    They are produced for safeguarding the detachment and tanking from damages.
    With Incite and also Stout Wall Hikaru can endure many employer attacks, securing the group from attacks with one function.
    The throne can use its ability to damage the strike to help Hikaru make it through.
    Hikaru or Throne can get all the necessary assaults in between them.
    When the employer shield is broken, save BP Hikaru for improved attacks.
    Agnes can do 2 things if you choose to position it: reinforce physical.
    For the team and move the order of the allay up.
    On the other hand, shout can change the one in charge’s training course down as well as come to be the 2nd detachment to damages.
    Nevertheless, at the end of the video game, it is much better folded up as a DPS.
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