The anime My Hero Academia has begun to show all the peculiarities of the vestiges included in All for One. DEU can use all this and, as a result, some fighting scenes are already becoming confusing in the anime.
Fortunately, the manga has already explained them all.
Here is every user of All for One and to be able to be able to academia.

First user: Chichi, Quirk: Transfer

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The first one for all is Chichi, All For One’s younger brother. His peculiarity is essentially transfer, which meant that he could transfer peculiarities to other people.
On the surface, this does not seem a peculiarity, and it was only discovered after one for there forced a peculiarity in Chichi that allowed him to accumulate power and become stronger.
Together, the peculiarities formed One for All, the natural and enemy opposite of All For One. DEU has not yet used this peculiarity of One for All, unless you count the film does not finish Heroes Rising.
In this movie, DEU passes the peculiarity to Katsuki Bakugo for a short time.

Second User: Without Name, Quirk: March change

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The second user of All For One has no name, but he was the leader of a group against One for All when the first user was still alive.
In fact, the second user rescued Chichi, which led him to get All For One. Like other skills in All For One, Gearshift grew exponentially and DEU can use it in ways that the second user could not.
Its peculiarity is Gearshift, which allows the user to accelerate objects.
DEU uses it to accelerate, what he uses to move so fast that he breaks the sound barrier in a crucial fight towards the end.

Third user: Without Name, Quirk: Fa Jin

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Like the second user of All For One, the third user is not named either.
It was part of the same group against One for All who led the second user, and that is all the information that fans have about him as a person.
His peculiarity, Fa Jin, is a bit intricate.
Users can store kinetic energy, which DEU showed in season 6 by constantly moving the legs.
This energy can be used at once to turn the user, even doing it faster.
Essentially, this amplifies many other powers of All For One and allows DEU to be stronger and faster.

Fourth User: Image Shinobi, Quirk: Danger Sense

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Beyond being useful for home tasks, One for All user, Image Shinobi, had an interesting peculiarity.
Shinobi was an interesting user and acknowledged that he would not be able to end All For One. Therefore, he spent 18 years living in the forest to refine his peculiarity, knowing that he would live up to future generations to defeat the villain.
Danger Sense allows the user to feel the danger.
By itself, it is a great peculiarity of type of support.
When combined with other peculiarities within One for All, it gives DEU the ability to keep himself while throwing offensive.

Fifth User: Diego Banjo, Quirk: Black whip

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Diego Banjo is one of One for All’s the most iconic vestiges due to his personality along with the fact that his peculiarity is the first one that DEU uses.
The peculiarity is Black whip, which uses energy to create long-range tendrils that have a variety of uses.
DEU used them to contain enemies and to move in general (especially before having the peculiarity of the seventh user).

While DEU initially frozen when trying to use Black whip, he obtained control over him and depends largely on him in combat.

Sixth User: In, peculiarity: smoke curtain

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Not much is known about in, the sixth Use of One for All.
Finally, Nana Chimera killed him and gave him a strand of hair to transmit One for All, the same method as DEU and All Might use to receive one for all.
Sunscreen allows the user to create large amounts of smoke.
This dark vision makes it a very useful tool to hide from enemies.
On its own, this could also be bad for the user, but the use of Dick Danger covers this weakness.

Seventh user: Nana Chimera, Quirk: Float

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Nana Chimera is the mentor of All Might and a friend of Gran Torino, one of DEU’s mentors.
He had a son, Potato, but abandoned him for fear of All For One. This led Potato to hate the heroes and his son, Ten Chimera, for wanting to be like heroes.
Ten, also known as Tour Ibaraki, finally destroyed his family with his peculiarity and became the puppet of All For One.

Float is a fairly simple peculiarity that allows the user to simply float.
However, combined with the real force part of One for All, Nana was a successful heroine.

Eighth User: Shinobi Magi Aka All Might, Quirk: None

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All Might, the symbol of peace and the number one hero of My Hero Academia, is the eighth user of One for All.
He used the reserve part of the peculiarity to become the best and mark the beginning of a new generation of heroes and a society of heroes with which some do not agree, including both villains and heroes.
Before receiving one for all, there really had no peculiarities.
This could be the reason why DEU is picked up and gives One for All (among other reasons discussed in the manga/anime).
He is whom many of the students of class 1-A admire as a teacher and hero.

Ninth User: Izuku Midoriyama, Quirk: Quirkless

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Izuku Midoriyama, also known as DEU, is the ninth and (supposedly) last user of One for All.
His tenacity and heroism before having a peculiarity led All Might to pass the one for all and train him.


It is incredibly intelligent and known for its rapid and precise strategies.
While DEU did not have a peculiarity before One for All, he is the only one for all user who can use peculiarities of previous users.
Combined with his tactical mind, he is able to overcome almost all the enemies he finds.
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