Period 2 of Phone Call of Responsibility: War zone 2 included the new Ashoka Island Rebirth map, and also the little island is numerous with Easter eggs. Here we walk you through a few freshly discovered Easter eggs, each of which will certainly be worth attempting early in your match to rack up some high-tier incentives.

Nuclear power plant Easter egg

You’ll need to strike four switches in a specific order to unlock this added loot space. The initial button you need to hit is on the wall to your. Once you obtain to the 4th switch, the loot room should open up to some orange high-tier loot boxes.

When you head inside the structure as well as decrease to the lower degree, you’ll discover stairways and a pathway that heads underground. The door on the right is secured this corridor, however there are turns on the wall that you can connect with to open it.

Ashoka Island’s Power Plant location was currently an excellent place to loot, however now there’s a small Easter egg action to finish below for additional rewards.

Drone Easter egg

Shooting it down is fairly very easy even if you don’t have a rocket launcher. Just make use of something with array like an attack rifle or light Gatling gun.

The drone Easter egg is a truly fast way to get additional loot. Seek out overhead each suit to look for a dr1. This unique drone looks just like the recon and also bomb drones found in the game, yet this certain drone is extremely high in the sky. Shoot it down, and also it will drop a supply cage for you to open up. It will certainly be marked as a gift box symbol on your map. This consists of arbitrary items like shield plates, tools, and usually a UAV or other streak.

Shrike Easter egg

A decoy soldier will certainly inflate close by, as well as you’ll need to ruin it with the tossing star. You’ll require to take out 4 decoys with the shrike to finish this mini-game.

For this one, head to the Port Ruins area on the island. There is a collection of 4 barrels sitting on top of the top section of the ruins, and you’ll discover a shrike (tossing star) stuck right into one of the barrels.

You require being truly fast here, as you just seem to get a few secs to find and also strike every 1. It does not look like this can be duplicated if you fall short, and you’ll need to attempt once more in your next match. However, the loot is a rather respectable haul to get you started in your match, thinking you land right here first. You can get items like cash money, an arbitrary fully-kitted weapon, and at least one self-revive.

Wind chime Easter egg

The drone Easter egg is a truly quick way to obtain extra loot. For this one, head to the Port Ruins location on the island. You’ll desire to head to the Residential area of Ashoka Island for this Easter egg. There are wind chimes all over the island, but there are 5 circular-shaped wind chimes that are exclusive to this location. For one more Ashoka Island Easter egg, we walk you via how to feed fish to a sea lion.

You’ll desire to head to the Residential area of Ashoka Island for this Easter egg. There are wind chimes throughout the island, however there are 5 circular-shaped wind chimes that are special to this area. The screenshots below will show the exact locations on the minimal.

These wind chimes need to be fired in a certain order to complete the Easter egg. The order you require to strike them in is randomized each suit, yet some of them are classified with numbers to aid you out.

For the next area, go simply a bit west of the garden to a neighboring white house with a two-story balcony. The wind chime is hanging from the porch, however you’ll intend to go inside the structure and up the stairways to view the number sitting in a white chair.

Keep in mind: A correct shot will give you a blue aesthetic indicator around the wind chime, but you won’t obtain any kind of visual if you fire one in the inaccurate order.

Finally, the fifth area is located at the tiny building at the back eastern section of Residential. The chimes are awaiting the corner just inside the fencing. This is the just location that doesn’t have a number on it, so you simply need to make use of the process of elimination here on the numerical order.

One more is located by going to the smaller white building that lies at the center of the front row of homes in the Residential area. The wind chimes are awaiting the covered veranda area. The number lies on the wall surface simply behind the chimes.

You’ll find one more collection of wind chimes hanging from the leading edge of a two-story building near the road. There is a window right beside it, and you can peek inside to see the order number on the floor.

For one more Ashoka Island Easter egg, we stroll you via just how to feed fish to a sea lion. We additionally have a guide on exactly how as well as where to use Ashoka Island’s Sea Treasure Tokens. Beyond fight royale, we have a guide on the very best loot areas for DMZ in Period 2.

One is located hanging on the steel frame around the yard location with a number detailed on the flower pots listed below it.