Guardian Ranks become part of a bigger overhaul of UI elements, including the ability to finally have loadouts, a feature included to Destiny 2 with its most recent expansion, Nightfall. Guardian Ranks, which currently rise to rank 11, include purposes within them that more or much less guide gamers with Fate’s often complicated quantity of goals and also tasks, and also rate them according to how much of its respective gamers have actually completed.

If you’ve been walking the Tower in Destiny 2 lately, you may have noticed a few guardians producing a golden glow. No, your game was not glitching out. It transforms out that Bungee has presented a brand-new method to reveal love to players rising through the rankings of Destiny 2’s new Guardian Ranking system.

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According to Ben Plat nick, a VFX musician at Bungee, players who complete every one of the goals detailed under their following rank as well as participate in rank-up ceremonies glow golden for an undetermined amount of time, so players can celebrate them. The impact resembles the halo that made use of to rest above players heads when they finished Nightfall prior to it was removed.

Presently, it’s vague if this golden effect occurs whenever gamers rank up or for particular ranks.

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