In Pokémon GO, the dragon Pokémon Regidrago relocates to the top raids.
You can begin fighting with him this weekend.
What is a top raid?
The top raids were introduced in autumn 2022.
They are identified by a couple of special functions:
A solid challenger in the raid, at the beginning it was the released Hoop
You can only compete on site, not by Fern-Raid
The eggs begin to reproduce 1 day previously.
You can intend where the raids exist.
The RAID boss is readily available for half an hour from the beginning
When do the brand-new top raids begin?
The very first leading raid occasion of the new Season Climbing Heroes works on Saturday, March 11, 2023. There will be three times at which Regifrago slides:
11:00 am neighborhood time
2:00 p.m. local time
5:00 p.m. local time

What does the new top raid prompt Saturday?

What type of Pokémon is that?
Regidrago is a famous dragon Pokémon.
It was presented in the DLC The Snow Land of the Crown to Pokémon Schwartz as well as Child in 2020.
Regidrago comes from the group of famous giants created by Religious.
These include director, region, registered and likewise the brand-new Regained, which will also concern Pokémon Go via leading raid throughout the Period.
Currently, the emphasis is currently on Regidrago.

It can additionally be seen briefly in the trailer for the season:
Unique bonus offer: As the team behind Pokémon GO announced, one will certainly be able to take part in a temporary research study when you compete in top raids.
It is expected to bring candies for registered, region as well as director.
Nevertheless, you can just obtain them once.
Exactly how hard is the raid?
Essentially, you need to intend that you can only contend on site.


So you can not wish for assistance from afar or participate in a top raid on your own by means of Fern-Raid.
That makes it hard.
According to the current condition, Regidrago must not be as difficult to defeat as it was the situation with the let loose Hoop.
This way, it ought to also be feasible in concept to beat Regifrago-whereby you require magnificent huge counterattacks such as Guarder and also strong cryptos such as Dragon as well as Brushland.
A triumph is most likely if you fight Regifrago with at the very least 3 coaches, more for safety.
The kind of Regidrago is valuable.
As a dragon Pokémon, it is at risk to fairy, dragon and also ice attacks.
This is a crucial distinction to the let loose Hoopa-you had to fight this primarily with beetle Pokémon that were promptly defeated.
As necessary, Regidrago is likely to be a simpler raid than the fight against the unleashed Hoop.
The brand-new reg beasts need to only be readily available for the top raid days throughout the period.
You ought to make a note of the appointment.
And there are various other exciting events in March that you shouldn’t miss out on in Pokémon Go.