As already known, within a few days more Apple will have a new event where they will present the next devices, this includes possible augmented reality lenses, computers and of course, the iPhone . Speaking of the latter, it could be for the company to make a hard and drastic decision regarding internal storage.

According to those mentioned in the medium known as Macrumors , the versions pro and pro max of the model number of the cell phone, they would be starting with memory of 256 GB , thus leaving aside those who used 128 GB ** down. This will eventually leave users without more economical versions that do not really use so much space in the device.

It is worth mentioning that this implementation of more mandatory memory would have been done for performance reasons, since it is presumed that the new iOS updates will despite considerably. So having fully 256 GB would be necessary to end so soon space, or at least is what is mentioned between the networks.

For now, nothing of the technical has come to light by Apple , but now there are only a few days to be certain of what they will put up for sale at the end of the current year. Thanks to the chip m2 , a much more durable performance is promised compared to other generations, chip that is only implemented in the new MacBook Air .