Just like Harry Potter had friends such as Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, you will have several of your own friends or companions in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
Although there are many characters in the game, some of them will play an important role and will accompany you for most your trip.

Although you have the main companions from the first three houses, there is no main character from the house of Ravenclaw.
It is believed that Amit Taskbar from the house Ravenclaw has this potential, but not a single trophy is connected with it as others (we will explain later).
As soon as you make friends with these companions, they will accompany you in some of your quests and even offer you some of their own.
These can be the main quests or quests of the line of relations that are similar to side quests that reveal the stories of your companion.
However, this is not all.


You will receive amazing awards for the execution of their quests of the line of relations.
For example, in the case of Sebastian from the Slytherin faculty, you can learn three unforgivable curses: Arvada Receiver and Crucial.
Please note that if you think about the romantic relationships of characters in the Hogwarts Heritage with the lines of the relationship of your companion, then know that this is impossible, since there is no aspect of romance in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
In addition, having completed all the quests of the line of relations that each of your partners can offer, you will unlock the trophies and achievements-best friends of the trophy for Mac, grave of swallows of the trophy for Sebastian and the Gazelle Mostitznitsa Trophy for Navy.
Hogwarts Legacy will have many characters with whom you can make friends, but only three of them will be your main companions, namely:
Sebastian Swallow (Slytherin)
NASA (Gryffindor)
Poppy Swatting (Hufflepuff)

Sebastian Swallow (Slytherin)

Sebastian Sun wall from the Slytherin faculty is a charming and extrovert young man.
Although he has a dysfunctional family, he cares deeply about his twin sister Anne.
Unfortunately, Goblin Rank put a curse on his sister, who seriously ill.
Sebastian believes that only dark arts can save her, so he is obsessed with the study of dark paths.
On your journey, you will help Sebastian find a medicine and save your sister.
Moreover, he is one of the characters you have chosen to travel to Hogs mid at the beginning of the game.

Natasha (Gryffindor)

Nat say OAI, she is also Patti from Gryffindor, is a brave student, always striving for justice.
She transferred to Hogwarts when her mother became a professor of divination.
Previously, she studied at the African magic school in Uganda in Uganda, where she acquired several useful skills and became an animal.
With quests, you will mainly run, saving people from troubles.

Poppy Swatting (Hufflepuff)

Poppy Swatting from the faculty of Hufflepuff is a kind and caring young soul, showing a deep interest in magic beasts from the Hogwarts Heritage.
She experiences particular hatred for poachers, which is why she even broke away from her parents.
Now she lives happily with her grandmother.
With Poppy you will mostly have quests associated with poachers and implying help with magic beasts, including dragons!