Comtu Bus (CEO Lee Kyung -il) of Com2uS (CEO Jae -joon Song, Lee Joo -hwan) will promote Hanmi Healthcare (CEO Lim Jong -hoon) and Meta Bus Healthcare Business.

What is CCAM? - Beyond the Bus: Healthcare on the Move

Com2 Bus announced on the 4th that the two companies agreed to jointly develop and proceed with the drug business through the meta bus.

The signing ceremony was held at the Auditorium of the All-in-One Meta Bus Platform, which Com2 Bus is being developed, and promised a healthcare business to be created in virtual space.

Hanmi Healthcare is developing, producing and distributing various health -related products in various fields such as the development and supply of state -of -the -art medical devices and general drugs and health functional foods. Com2 Bus will combine various businesses currently underway in Hanmi Healthcare to meet the Meta Bus ecosystem and create a new business model together.

In particular, by applying the HMP platform, a medical portal for pharmaceuticals in Korea -US Healthcare, to the meta bus, the doctors, pharmacists, and conferences can share and communicate various information such as medical materials, clinical lectures, and insurance review consulting. And to strengthen the community function.

Com2 Bus is a meta bus specialist, which was recently founded by Com2uS and Video Content Producer Wiji Wick Studio and expansion reality (XR) content company NP. The company is creating next -generation methus platforms through organic cooperation with leading companies with expertise in each industry such as finance, culture, life, and medical care.

In addition to the Korea -US healthcare, financial, education, entertainment, food and beverage, communications, and distribution, we are discussing investing in comu buses and joint construction of ecosystem. As a result, the company plans to carry out the full -fledged meta bus platform business.