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PS5: Newer dualSense models have improved triggers

The dualsense for the PS5 has received some new colors in recent months. While the first wave had no change except for the exterior, it was now also technically done with the new dualSense colors.

New dualSense model changed critical parts

Like the Youtuber Tronicsfix, which specializes in repairing consoles and accessories, Sony changed something to the dualSense controllers.

Strong pen mechanism : Accordingly, the triggers of the dualsense were adjusted a little. One of the new features of the PS5 is that games can set the intensity of the triggers. This creates a resistor, for example, when pulling the sheet at Horizon Forbidden West, which you must press by pressing, ultimately shut down the arrow. For this Sony uses a spring mechanism, which has now been a defect in some cases.

As TRONICSFIX discovered, it was screwed closely and the feather used is stronger now. In his opinion, the newly built part should be much more stubborn and break less. In addition, however, not only the springs have been improved. The analog sticks are also installed in a new version. Whether this makes the difference against the so-called drift problem, which have some controller, is unknown.

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Not only the new colors affected : If you are annoying you now that only the new dualsense colors were revised, then there is good news. Because the newer models of the old colors also have the improved triggers and analog sticks. The only thing you have to pay attention is the serial number of the controller. Because this ends with an “A”, then the improvements are installed.

Sony Did Something Right?! New PS5 Controller Teardown & Comparison
More information about the dualsense : You want to know what the new PS5 controller can still do so and what exactly behind the special functions is? Then we summarize everything for you to dualsense, adaptive triggers, the haptic feedback and more.

Wytchwood A fairytale game for those who prefer the witch of the great princess

You’ve always fanned the witch as a protagonist more attractive than the Ollie princess? You always wanted to know how it lives as a quirky forest Marianne? Or are you preparing for a cozy crafting adventure just before Christmas, which looks like it has fallen from an illustrated storybook? Then you can do your England on Watchword, which should enchant from December 9.

It’s about it in Watchword

FAIRY TALE Hide and Seek In Roblox!
In Watchword we slip into the gnarled skin of an old witch, which carries a boiler as a helmet on his head. Her cozy sleep is disturbed from a goat at the beginning of the game. This recalls the sorceress to a pact that she apparently closed a long time ago with her — or the secondary being inherent in the animal. Unfortunately, the witch can not really remember how this concluded came.

So you hardly remember something else than to get the mystery. An adventurous story that leads our witch in forests, leads to snowy mountain peaks and gloomy swamps. On their journey, she gets to do it with a colorful fabulous and fairy tale troupe: including a greedy hawk, a brutal bear, a mournful virgin as well as leached redeeming and wondrous creatures.

So a witch solves your problems: In the best magic girl in Watchword everything can be ruled with magical brew. Your task is therefore to fill your pockets with pig eyes and fly mushrooms to mix mighty wonder aids. You explore every angle of the mysterious world, explores new sayings, eliminates disaster or transforms people already in frogs.

What makes the game special?

At first glance, the Adventure charms with his fairy tale art style, who pauses a little scary. This may remind you of Don’t Starve, but unlike the survival title, life as an old Walden should be much more relaxed.

According to the developer team, Watchword is a cozy game in which you are explored in peace, useful and vile in your pocket and thus bride. In addition, her puzzle triggers and tame monsters with List.

For whom Watchword is suitable?

The magical adventure should appeal to you if you are looking for a cozy game to turn off. It looks like that if there were no hustle and bustle in the witch forest. On the other hand, the bizarre trip does not seem to be impatient players. Finally, exploring and mince collect core mechanics of the game.

In addition, Watchword is likely to be interested if you like to dive into fairy tale stories — and deal with preference with oblique birds. In the gameplay demo, it was already extremely humorous.

Assessment of the editors

Samara Summer

also in the winter

The droll witch from Watchword has moved me immediately when I saw the first trailer. If you swap with the cloak and the pot on your head through the picturesque autumn forest, that immediately awakens the desire to explore this mysterious world.

In addition, I think the Cozy Crafting approach fits perfectly at the season: to cuddle with coffee and biscuits. Whether the fairy tale adventure can actually hold me at the bar, but depends on two factors. First, if the lotion and crafting feels really rewarding and secondly: whether the story wears with her chunky characters and continues to make me more curious about more. So far, I’m curious like a flitzenbogen.

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