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THW Kiel Leaves Title Race After Defeat Against Leipzig, Flensburg Survives Four More Games

Remarkably, the thw kiel went off the field on Sunday midday.
The document champ shed to Dark Leipzig 31:34 (11:16).
The loss really hurt, yet we have to accept it. We have way too much discontent as well as not self-esteem, that is the trouble, THW captain Damage Duncan quarreled with the weak appearance and prediction at the Pay TV terminal: The.
League is so limited, it will be a randy fight to the end..
After a 34:32 (18:19) against HSV Hamburg, the fifth in the table SG Flensburg-Handewitt (32:10) proceeds to mix in the most exciting title race for many years.
The leading 4 of the organization are only a minus point after the 22nd match day: the foxes (37: 7 factors) shed to bring about the linked Rhein-Neckar Lower.


The SCM (33: 7) in fourth location hit 4 plus indicate the Berliners as well as additionally has 2 games in the hindquarters.
Kiel (34: 8) is 3rd, Flensburg (32:10) in fifth location in striking range.
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THW Kiel-Sc DHFK Leipzig 31:34 (11:16).

Tore THW Kiel: Sago sen 8, Berg 5/2, M. Landing 5/2, Ranking 5, Duncan 3, Bilk 2, Peeler 2, Arabic 1.
SC DHFK Leipzig: V. Kristiansen 7/3, Mismatch 7, Ernst 6, M. GEENA 4, CIVIC 3, Binder 2, Matches 2, Press 2, Climate 1.
Umpire: Jörg Loppaschewski (Berlin)/ Nils Blumer (Berlin).
Spectators: 10049.
Wrongdoer mins: 6/4.

SG Flensburg-Handewitt-HSV Hamburg 34:32 (18:19).

14 Exact same of unwilling, 6th HBL victory.
Tore SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Sensing 12, E. M. Jacobsen 8/1, Golda 6, Larsen 3, Rod 3, J. Hansen 2.
HSV Hamburg: Mortensen 7/5, Mann 6, Sissier 4, F. B. Andersen 3, Bergmann 3, Wallis 3, Siemens 2, Maynard 2, Phalanger 1, Weller 1.
Referee: Tobias Townies (Stendhal)/ Robert Schulz (Magdeburg).
Viewers: 6300.
Criminal mins: 2/8.
Disqualification: -/ Schimmelbauer (36. ).

TSV Hannover-Burgdorf-Asv Hamm-Westfalen 30:26 (17:12).

Tore TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Gerbil 5/3, B. Ludovic 5/3, Pavlov 4, Base 3, Kusch 3, Makers 3, USCIS 3, Michalczik 2, Robotic 1, Weber 1.
ASV Hamm-Westfalen: Bornean 4, Hermann 4/4, Pa trail 4, Intel 4, from Boeing 3, Dayan 2, Pretzewofsky 2, Bauer 1, Borowski 1, Wailing 1.
Umpire: David Hannes (Frankfurt/M.)/ Christian Hannes (Aachen).
Spectators: 5529.
Crook minutes: 4/8.

HC Erlangen-TBV Lego Lipped 31:31 (16:16).

Tore HC Erlangen: Steiner 7/2, Model 5, S. Inhaler 4, Many 4, Michel 4, Bessel 3, Lesson 3, Olsson 1/1.
TBV Lego Lipped: G. Guardiola Villalba 6, Were 5/2, HUCK 4, Knowledge 4, Bosch 2, Christensen 2, Change 2, Schweitzer 2, Sutton 2, Large 1, Speak 1.
Umpire: Suresh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach)/ Ramesh Thiyagarajah (Gummersbach).

Spectators: 5386.
Criminal mins: 8/2.

Hearthstone expansion pack Lich Kings march released on December 7

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Blizzard Entertainment announced on the 2nd of the new job ‘Death Knight’ with the new Hearthstone new expansion pack ‘March of the Rich King’.

The Rich King’s march will be released on the 7th of next month. There are 203 new cards that contain new deaths of death, minions, and man athirst.

In the march of the Rich King, it is easy to distinguish between new minions underfed minions. Hundreds of minions from the previous expansion pack will also be updated to give the undead race. Some of them are classified as double races belonging to both undead and other races. The reincarnation keyword returns to the permanent system.

The new keyword ‘Managed’ symbolizes Blood Elf’s infinite desire for sun glands and magic. When the MANA modification is sufficient, it has an additional effect, and even if the additional effect is activated, MANA is not consumed.

Hearthstone’s 11th occupational death article is a versatile score of scourge who strengthens themselves with blood magic, defeats the enemy with cold magic, and revives the dead with fraudulent magic. The ghoul charge is used to summon 1/1 ghoul with a rushing ability and use dead allied minions as resources.

The entire Knights of the Frozen Throne cards are temporarily incorporated into regular warfare and can be used free of charge as a key set. For users who connect to the game, legendary spells that stop the scourge’s march are free.

You can also make a reservation for a large-scale bundle and a bundle of the Rich King. The Rich King’s March bundle includes an Arthur’s road set consisting of 26 cards.

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