The PlayStation 5 is still very difficult to get. The lack of semiconductor chips remains up-to-date, and Sony has already corrected the sales forecast for their new console this year already downwards.

Unfortunately, this is not only frustrating for the community, but also calls Scalper and scammers on the plan. In a particularly nasty mesh, fake shops are built under the name of real online retailers to pull careless consumers from their pocket.

Beware of this fake shop

The latest victim of this procedure is the electric dealer Euronics. On Facebook, the company warns of fake shops with their name in the domain. Apparently the PlayStation 5 is offered here and declared as “immediately available”.

Anyone who has been waiting for one of the consoles for months could run danger to give impulsively an order, especially as a fast action is necessary for regular “waves”, if one wants to get one of the devices.

MORE EURONICS has already met Gamestop:

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Gamestop warns of fake shop


Especially fies is that the scammers even turn on advertising for their fake shops on Facebook. This is trustworthy at the first moment, and many people probably assume that advertisements are better curated in the social networks.

In addition, well-designed websites can now be created very easily thanks to existing templates. The whole thing is usually decorated with official logos and lettering to create a familiar feel.

Here are a few tips on how to quickly and safely get to a PS5:

  • PS5 buy: Sign up now at Sony and increases your chances of the console
  • buy PS5: That’s why you should now have local dealers in view
  • No PS5 get? This shopping cart trick gives you a 2nd chance

So you can easily recognize fake shops yourself

If the name of a company is not a concept, you should first research. So it should be relatively easy to find out if a shop actually exists. First, enter the name on Google. If no result comes, that’s a bad sign before.

An even better control room offers the German commercial register, which must be conducted in the GmbH.

If the site is allegedly from a dealer who knows you, look at the address specified in the imprint. Thanks to Google Maps, it can be easily checked if there is a shop or company headquarters here.

Another note are bank details that lead to lesser-known financial institutions abroad. This little effort can save you several hundred euros.

Are you already encountered on fake shops?