A news that shook the world a few years ago was the game of Stan Lee , creator of several iconic characters in Marvel world and its different divided stories. And now, many fans have created different taxes, including his inclusion as a playable character in the Marvel ’S Spider-Man Remastered version for the PC .

As reported, the user of Nexus mods, Tiffsomniac , uploaded this mod manageing the nice comic creator. And while the suit does not give special powers or anything similar, it is quite fun to see how the Lord of advanced age can dominate the cobwebs. The best thing is the interaction he has with the villains in the kinematics.

Here is a clip of how it looks:

It is worth noting that this will be only one of the first modifications made for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered in PC , since there is currently one that allows playing with Black Cat or with Peter Parker in civil clothes. So it would not be surprise that in a few weeks we see characters like Shrek flying throughout New York.

Remember that the game is available in PS5 and PC.

Editor’s note: This type of modifications are always worth trying, especially for fans who already played until tired Doubt, I would install it on my computer.

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