Genshin Impact version 3.3 is now available on all platforms, bringing a lot of new content to the world of Tevet.
A remarkable addition, in particular, is the Toukabou Figure Sword weapon.
It is a 4-star sword that is a special umbrella of oil paper in the game.
If you are wondering how to get the Toukabou Figure sword in Gen shin Impact ants here is a complete guide for you.


How to get the toukabou figure sword in Genshin Impact

The Toukabou Figure sword can be achieved through the Kits Kimodameshi event during the Genshin Impact version 3.3.
The event will begin on December 15 and continue until January 2.
To participate in this event, players must complete the Rico Escape Plan of Arc hon Quest: Chapter II: Act I.
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The main objective of this event is to complete challenges in Leisurely Pastime and Shatter ck.
After completing these challenges, players have the right to receive the Kits Kimodomeshi event, along with other valuable resources such as firstborn, Hero Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore and more.

Sword Toukabou Figure: Ascension statistics and materials

The Toukabou Figure Sword weapon has the following statistics at its base level:
ATQ: 42 at level 1, 510 at level 90
Secondary Statistics: Elemental Master
SECONDARY STATISTICAL SCALE: 36 at level 1, 165 at level 90
To improve weapon statistics, you will need the following ascension materials in Genshin Impact:
Level 20 |
Narukami X3 Wisdom, Damaged Prism X5, Old Plaza X2, 5000 Morey
Level 40 |
Joy of Narukami X3, Damaged Prism x12, UCLA Vaisey X8, 15,000 Morey
Level 50 |
Joy of Narukami X6, Turbo X6 Prism, Karachi X6, 20,000 Morey
Level 60 |
Narukami X3 affection, Turbo X12, Karachi X9, 30,000 Morey
Level 70 |
Narukami X6 affection, Radiant prism x9, Famous supply X6, 35,000 Morey
Level 80 |
Narukami X4 Value, Radiant Prism X18, Famous Pup lap X12, 45,000 Morey

That is all you need to know about unlocking the Toukabou Figure sword in Genshin Impact.
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