Main gamer of the azilian Scenario: GO Currently, Olga Rodrigues is leaving the Curia as well as works out with a foreign team.
According to the Dust2 azil website, Pro Gamer, chose the second-rate gamer in 2022 by HLTV, has currently notified the company that she will not stay in the team and also is in discussions with a foreign group.
According to Dust2 azil, Olga will no much longer play the ESL Effect Organization;
South American Department, while Curia already looks for an alternative to the primary gamer of the company in the 2022 period.
With stints on groups such as Demo ave, Bootlace, New Eagles and Black Dragons, Olga, 28, signed up with the Curia group in September 2021. During this duration, he won 2 titles of the Gamers Club Masters Women, a BGS Esports Women, one
Horus Organization A number of as well as female various other titles in the azilian as well as South American situations.
In the international circumstance, Olga won with Curia the very best lead to the background of a azilian female team at CS: GO.

In 2022, she as well as the organization were runner-ups of the ESL Influence League Period 1, ESL Impact Organization Season 2, Counter-Strike Female’s World Cups organized by ESL, and an ESL Influence Valencia deputy.
On all events, the panthers were defeated by Sigma Galaxy in the grand final.